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Recent Posts from Once A Month Meals

Parmesan Zucchini Lasagna

Cheesy and toothsome this Parmesan Zucchini Lasagna layers robust ground beef and smooth ricotta cheese between sautéed slices of zucchini for a calorie conscious yet protein packed dinner sure to satisfy the most ravenous of appetites.

Allergen: Low FODMAP March 2015 Menu

Leave worrisome discomfort behind and savor flavors of comfort for breakfast, lunch and dinner with this Low FODMAP March 2015 Menu. Banana bread oatmeal, maple glazed meatloaf and chicken chop suey are just a few inviting options waiting to fill your freezer.

Vegetarian March 2015 Menu

Barbecue tempeh topped with colorful slaw and crispy tofu slathered in rhubarb chutney taste of the warmer days ahead. But warm banana bread and creamy ravioli still have their place to let the comforts of winter linger in this Vegetarian March 2015 Menu.

Diet March 2015 Menu

Break out of wintery mealtime ruts with a bowl of tantalizing merlot beef and veggies or layers of cheesy spinach lasagna. This Diet March 2015 Menu highlights comforting dishes with a pop of fresh produce to bring some life to your mealtime gatherings.

Paleo March 2015 Menu

Bubbly cauliflower casserole, saucy cabbage laden chow mein and a bacon studded one pot Irish dinner offer a just little taste of our Paleo March 2015 Menu which pairs deceptively healthy indulgences with some hidden gems of seasonal produce.

Whole Foods March 2015 Menu

Spring is near and with it come familiar sights of rhubarb stalks, artichoke heads and decadent lamb. Our Whole Foods March 2015 Menu takes inspiration from these lively seasonal flavors to bring a burst of freshness to your table.

Traditional March 2015 Menu

Whether you need to grab a breakfast tart as you run out the door or have time to sit and savor a hearty Irish soup, our Traditional March 2015 Menu will have you prepared to tackle mealtimes head on regardless of what the day may hold.

Buying a Freezer

Where do you store your freezer meals? If you are in the market for a new freezer to help with OAMC, check out this helpful buying guide with freezer reviews.