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Barbecue Beef Sandwiches

Although barbecue is typically a summer-time food, this sandwich filling is so easy and yummy that I make it year-round and keep meal-size portions in the freezer for a quick lunch or dinner. It’s typically on our menu when I find a great deal on beef or pork roast, and because it slow-cooks, cheap cuts of meat work great and still come out tender and mouthwatering.  This barbecue smothered meat has been very popular at potlucks and parties, and no one guesses it’s so easy to put together. So easy, in fact, it almost feels like cheating to call it a “recipe.”

Barbecue Beef Sandwiches


Pam @ onceamonthmeals.com


  • 3-4 lbs. boneless beef roast (pork works well too)
  • 12 oz. (1.5 cups) of your favorite barbecue sauce (or make your own)


Trim visible fat from roast. Place in a slow cooker. Pour barbecue sauce over meat and cook on high approx. 8 hours or until meat is tender and easily shreds with a fork. Shred meat with two forks. 

Freezing Directions:

Cool and portion into freezer bags. To SERVE: Reheat meat in microwave or stovetop. Serve in toasted buns with sliced cheese, additional BBQ sauce, mayo, or horseradish sauce if desired. Also good served over hot cooked rice or noodles.

Servings: 8

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  5. I’m making this right now in the crockpot. I also used your bbq sauce recipe. Thanks for the great recipe!!!

    (It seems like my comments never appear. I wonder what I’m doing wrong?)

    • Tricia says:

      They are waiting to be approved. And most time we wait on the author to approve them/answer them. Some of our authors are around more than others. Sorry for the delay. ;)

      • Thanks for replying. Sometimes I accidentally hit submit twice… That doesn’t help either. :-) We ate this BBQ beef today and used Pillsbury Crescent Rounds for the buns (due to food allergies). It was amazing! I love this site!!!

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