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Create Your Own Menu (Part 11): Bringing It All Together

As you can see from all the previous week’s postings, there is a lot involved with putting together a great Once A Month Mom menu. I think our Once A Month Mom & DOLE Frozen Fruit March Menu Contest finalists can attest to that!

However, it is feasible to do your own menu. You can make it as simple or as complex as you would like. And really, if you are just doing it for yourself, there really is not a need to do a lot of the conversions and equivalents if you don’t want to.

In future months, I will be providing a linky each month for those of you to link up if you have created your own OAMC (once a month cooking, batch cooking, bulk cooking, power cooking or freezer cooking) menus. I know many of you are starting the endeavor of creating your own from your family favorites  or to meet the needs of family members with allergies and I am sure other readers would LOVE to have extra resources to utilize. So keep on the lookout for that menu roundup each month.

Menu Template

Once A Month Mom Recipe/Menu Template

Once A Month Mom Recipe/Menu Template

The only piece or resource that I use that I didn’t provide to you was the Once A Month Mom Recipe Menu Template. This is the document where I type in the recipes that we will be using for our cooking day. This is not necessary for the everyday cook but can come in handy if you are wanting to adapt the recipes into an easy to read resource.

Please feel free to follow the duplicating instructions and make it your own!


I hope that you have enjoyed this series and found it helpful. If you find that you have additional questions you would like me to address please leave a comment or send me an email. I *think* that I have covered everything but there are always things that I haven’t thought about since I have been dong these cooking days and menus for some time.

I have heard from many of you that this has been helpful and I am grateful! Good luck creating your own menus.

Please feel free to direct questions in the comment section below. However, keep in mind that this is a multi-part series. Please review previous posts for answers before submitting questions and review upcoming topics to see if your question will be answered shortly. Thank you.

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36 Responses to “Create Your Own Menu (Part 11): Bringing It All Together”

  1. becca banana says:

    Yes, it’s been helpful and made me appreciate more all the work you do! Such an intimidating process!

  2. Debbi Smith says:

    I am doing a mini food marathon on Saturday with ground turkey and hamburger. I am making 3 meatloafs, 3 different kinds of burgers, 1 shepherds pie, and packaging some into 1 lb. baggies for other things like turkey wraps, spaghetti sauce and chili. I find it easier to do that way rather than making whole meals ahead of time. I do the same thing with chicken when it’s on sale. I cut several bags of bite size chunks for stir fry, several bags into strips and several into 6 oz. portions.

  3. PrutsPrinses says:

    Tricia, thank you so much for this series!
    I also love your idea of the link roundup, I’m excited to see what people will come up with! (And I’m excited about the outcome of the contest as well!).
    I just have one question:
    I noticed that in your menus you adjust the instructions to include directions on how to get the meal freezer ready. I was wondering how you determine the way you will freeze the meal and at what stage (eg freezing a finished mexican wrap or just freezing the contents in batches and wrapping them when you’re ready to eat.
    On a related note, since you selected recipes based on categories such as “baked” or “slow cooker”, I was wondering how you know your recipe will be freezable?
    So, what I want to know is (okay this is not just one question, but it’s one theme though :)): Is every recipe freezable? If not, are some recipes easier to freeze / thaw and why? Do you take that into consideration? How do you adjust recipes for the freezer?
    Thank you for all your efforts!

    • tricia says:

      I determine which meals will be baked first vs baked later on two factors 1) How many other baked items I have 2) whether it will stay well in the freezer and bake properly later. As for what is freezable, there are links in one of the other create your own menu series posts but I tend to defy odds and try new things. Many times you just have to experiment. There are some things that just don’t freeze well.

  4. PrutsPrinses says:

    PS: I just wanted to add why I would enjoy the link roundup: I try to eat vegetarian and having the link roundup would mean that I could select the recipes I like most / are the easiest to adjust for eating without meat, fish or poultry from different sources :)
    PPS: I just came up with a totally random question, but since this blog is about reducing time spent on cooking: I’m from Europe and it seems to me that you Americans have such elaborate breakfasts and lunches! Waffles, pancakes…!!!! Over here, we only eat a cooked meal once a day!!! (Lunch or dinner). Usually, breakfast consists of a combination of cereals and / or yoghurt and / or milk and / or bread with various spreads and / or cheese and / or meat. One other meal (usually lunch, except for people who lack time to cook or prefer to eat a hot meal at work for other reasons) is similar to breakfast, but might be a bit heartier (it might have a little salad or a bowl of soup or an omelette as an accompaniment, for example).
    And then the other meal (dinner or lunch) is the only hot meal of the day. That saves a lot of cooking time too!
    Over here, pancakes and waffles are reserved for special meals (in my family, there is a tradition of eating Brussels waffles for Christmas, and eating pancakes always feels like a treat) or are eaten in the afternoon (for example with icecream) while out in the city or as a dessert. Similarly, muffins would also be considered a dessert, treat or sugary snack.
    What are your opinions?

    • tricia says:

      So glad that you are reading the blog from Europe! That is so exciting to me. As for what we eat for breakfasts and lunches, yes we tend to eat elaborate things in comparison to Europeans. I suppose that might be why we are an obese nation. On the other hand, eating to start the day also starts the metabolism. I wouldn’t say that all Americans eat elaborate breakfasts though. Most of the items on these menus are luxuries to our family as we usually eat cold cereal and yogurt.

      • PrutsPrinses says:

        Thank you for your reply!
        I love to learn about eating habits in other countries, so it’s fun to see that while you have the elaborate habits, you have habits that are the same as mine at the same time!
        I hadn’t connected it to the obesity issue though :) But I’m sure the spread of OAMM menus will counter that trend!
        And I must say the elaborate breakfasts are inspiring, maybe it would be something nice for our more “festive” breakfast on Sunday!

        • Kamie says:

          I know this post is over a year old but wanted to input as well in case other readers like me stumble upon it. I grew up in Canada and then England before moving to the United States and you are correct, the breakfasts are much more elaborate over here. In canada, we ate toast and jelly or peanut butter. For lunch we had soup usually or ployes (almost like a crepe) or some sliced meats and cheeses but nothing big. Dinner was always the big meal as well. I’m trying to change my habbits now that I live in the U.S. and only have a big breakfast on Sunday but increase my lunch and decrease my dinner portions so that I have more time to digest before bed!

  5. Kellyn says:

    This series has been a HUGE help! I did a mini-session just today and it went so well!! I was patient, took my time making my lists and didn’t panic when I had a snafu with the lasagna!

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  7. Dionne says:

    Sometimes, my family won’t eat everythign that is on the monthly menu. Can you mix and match already published recipes from different months to create your own menu for a month? HELP, I haven’t started Once a Month Cooking for this reason…

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