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Easy To Gift Freezer Meals

Freeze It Forward with Once A Month Meals

If you are still looking for inspiration to participate in our Freeze it Forward Challenge, here is a list of easy to gift recipes. Keep in mind that you are trying to make life easy for the person who receives your meal, so give them something that doesn’t have to be cooked on serving day (No-cook Serving Day) or can be simply “dumped” in the slow cooker.

Dinner is the meal we typically think to share, but breakfast, lunch, and even snacks are an enormous help to someone who is ill, has a new baby, works long or unusual shifts, or is on the road. If you do only bring dinner, make it a complete meal by adding a salad, bread (try this simple Artisan Bread), a side dish, or dessert.

We have two Mini Menus that were designed for gifting. Each includes two dinners, 2 side dishes, and a 2 snacks or desserts.

  • New Moms Mini (May 2013) – dairy free for moms who are avoiding it, but filling and nourishing for any family
  • Meals that Heal Mini (Oct. 2013) – perfect for those struggling with illness, but tasty enough for anyone to enjoy

We also have our new Freeze It Forward Mini which is designed for those creating single serving meals to eat or gift.

BreakfastHomemade Banana Bread



Dinner/Main Dish


Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops

Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops


The details for our Freeze it Forward challenge so you can join us:

The challenge: Gift a freezer meal and share with the OAMM community using #freezeitforward or in the comments below.

The date: March 16-22

The goal: The one who gives and one who receives will be both full and fulfilled.

7 Responses to “Easy To Gift Freezer Meals”

  1. kathy says:

    Friends’ 12-year old has been battling brain cancer for almost a year now and has been in hospital once again. I am taking 6 recipes found here, cooking, putting in their freezer, awaiting their homecoming.

  2. Margaret Grote says:

    I’ve been using multiple recipes to bring to moms in my moms group that have had a babies or medical issues. Been using the takethemameal website to get lots of support given in the way of meals and playdates for their kiddos. Thanks for having these easy freezer meal ideas for gifting! I’ve shared them and the new mom mini menus with our entire 500+

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi my name is Lisa, my father age 77 just had a hearth attack about a month ago r these recipes hearth health that I can make for him, he has to b on low salt l low sodium. Thanks

    • Kelly says:

      Hello Lisa, sorry to hear about your father. I can’t speak for all of the recipes but you can certainly look through those that interest you and omit the salt and use low sodium alternatives for some of the ingredients. Good luck!

  4. Fred Mooney says:

    We used to prepare meals for military families on post. Everyone in the group would eat at our house one day a week; dinner only. The rest of the week we would eat at another members house and it rotated around. That way you wouldn’t have to cook but once a week. It was a gift to each other of sorts. This freeze it forward idea would work awesome because you could just put a little bit away at a time when cooking lunch or breakfast and when it was your turn. Bam!

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