Our History

In February of 2009, our site began as Once A Month Mom. Having done once a month cooking (also commonly referred to as freezer cooking, bulk cooking, power cooking) several times in the past in an effort to save time and avoid eating out, Tricia decided to share with others the tricks and tips she had learned. With the technical help of her husband, she took her skills and applied them to a blog. It seemed like a great way to share menus created with others. So, Once A Month Mom was born!

In 2010 Once A Month Mom hit a growth spurt and we began adding specialty menus to meet the needs of our growing readership. None of those menus would be possible without the contribution of some tremendous authors who are passionate about their specialty. And we can attest to being blessed by each and every one of them!

As member stories started to come in about how freezer cooking had helped them we soon realized that we are not a community of moms anymore. We’re so much more than that. We’re fathers, single parents, grandparents, college students, newlyweds, retirees, all with the shared desire to eat better, for less and at home. We decided to embrace and uplift the community who has supported us through the years. And we have now become Once A Month Meals, doing our part in helping everyone get back to the dinner table.

Our Team

Tricia Callahan – Founder/Author


Tricia became a SAHM in the summer of 2008 with the birth of her son. Her family grew fast from there her second child, a girl, was born in December of 2009. She is an avid once a month cook who loves having food in the freezer for easy meals. Her love for the Lord grows daily and she is blessed to be able to stay home with her children, while trying to make the most out of life, and doing the “chores” once a month so she can enjoy more time with her family!






Director Of Communications – Kelly Seaton

Kelly works for Once A Month Meals helping you have the best cooking day and to have meals you enjoy. She is here to answer any and all of your membership questions. She is married to a wonderful man and mother to two handsome boys. She enjoys cooking paleo and primal meals for her family and enjoys the challenge of planning her meals around what is in season and in town! Kelly started as our Whole Foods Menu writer took the reigns for our Get Real series and  also edits behind the scenes. She wears many hats as she is also passionate about being a Doula and helping mothers have their best birth possible. Her family lives in Colorado and enjoys spending time outdoors and being a self proclaimed foodie.

Menu Editor/ Assistant Marketing Director – Katie Thompson


Katie is a full time wife, mother of two, living in Texas.  After the birth of her second child while enjoying a summer long maternity leave, she started looking for ways to make the transition easier when she returned back to work.  With a husband who is home during the week with the kids, she knew between taking care of a newborn and helping the oldest child with homework, dinner would be a stressful event every night.  Reading through several blogs, she discovered this OAMC (once a month cooking) thing might actually work for her family.

A quick search on Craigslist later, she was the proud owner of a deep freezer and a goal to really do this.  As someone who has always jumped feet first into things, her first day of OAMC was a blessing and a curse.  She learned the hard way not to grocery shop, chop, and cook all in the same day.  But less than a week later when she didn’t have to open the pantry and stare at all the food while saying “there’s nothing to eat in this house”, it was worth every minute.  And of course, now there’s a 3 day routine for the shopping and chopping.  She looks forward to helping anyone who is overwhelmed- either by their current cooking arrangements or by the concept of OAMC.

Mini Menu Writer and Photographer - Lisa Sawtelle 

Lisa is a mom of 5 (ranging from college to kindergarten), wife and daycare provider.  In her spare time she and her husband are active fans of all their kids activities from cross country, to soccer, baseball, football and wrestling.  They have recently taken a love for photography and are enjoying expanding their creative sides by capturing their family and friends behind the lens.  She has a passion for cooking, and the belief that a strong family begins at the dinner table.




Menu Builder Data Entry/Verifier – Heather Hayes

Heather lives in Tennessee where she is a full-time wife to a wonderful man and the mother of two beautiful girls.  She is a former elementary teacher and decided to stay home five years ago.  She enjoys being a “home chef”, and loves to cook for her family.  As a rule, her family eats dinner together every night.  When her oldest child was around a year old, she went to a freezer meal preparation company to prepare meals, and while she loved the convenience, she didn’t love the price.

She found Once a Month Mom through another blog, signed up for the newsletter and has never looked back. She prefers to cook from the Mini Menus because they do not seem like such a daunting task, and can be completed in just a few hours.  Freezer cooking helps Heather save time and money by making it easy to fill in a weekly meal plan with meals from the freezer.  It also allows her to spend more invaluable time with her family, and gives her a little more free time in which she likes to read, shop, and sew cute clothes for little girls!

Menu Builder Data Entry/Verifier - Mindy Hart

Mindy is a mother to 3 children, 1 in Heaven and 2 that she is blessed to raise here on Earth.  Her youngest suffered with many health issues, which led them to a gluten and dairy free diet.  Her husband of eight years is a youth pastor. She has always enjoyed cooking and freezer cooking became a wonderful way to have a healthy dinner on the table that the entire family can enjoy.





Community Leader/Post Writer – Kim Coleman


Kim has three wonderful guys in her life: her husband, a chatty preschooler, and a smiley boy who is always full of surprises. All three are very active and very hungry, so it is a good thing she likes to feed people! Her first memories of cooking are playing “cooking show” with her little sister and baking Christmas cookies with her mom.  Family has always been a big part of the reason why she loves eating food as well as preparing it. But when she started her own family and planned an out of hospital birth with a very health conscious midwife, she started rethinking her ingredient list.

The journey of pregnancy, nursing, and introducing food to babies has lead her to whole foods (or “real food”), and she is still enjoying the journey. Having little ones was also the reason that she first tried OAMC. She found it was the perfect way to put wholesome, tasty meals on the table while still being able to comfort a fussy baby during the “witching hour” (which is always very close to the dinner hour!) Cooking is one of her passions, and she loves to hunt for recipes, experiment with them, and share them. But when she’s not in the kitchen, she enjoys dating her husband, playing with her sweet little boys, serving in her church, tending a small patio garden, entertaining family and friends, and reading or watching a good story.

Menu Curator – Regan Bovee-Gazett

Regan lives in Minnesota with her husband and three year old-daughter. Regan first discovered freezer cooking the summer after her first year of law school, when she was a single mom to her then one year old.  Although short on time, she wanted to make sure she and her daughter were able to begin the tradition of eating healthy dinners together each night. Regan was thrilled to find Once a Month Mom and began by tailoring the traditional and whole foods menus to her mostly meat-free lifestyle. When the vegetarian menu came out, she could barely contain her excitement. In her free time, Regan enjoys spending time with her family, being outside, and reading.




Design/Photography Editor – Erin Fullam

Erin lives with her amazing husband and three growing boys in Ohio. She has a passion for photography and an eye for design that exceeds expectations!









Accountant – Alyssa Stanley

Alyssa is surrounded by beauty living in the Colorado mountains and raising three daughters with her high school sweetheart husband. She has been a once a month cook for over five years but recently joined the team to help our budgets move smoothly. She has a passion for helping others as well in her ventures with dōTERRA essential oils.