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February Menu Update – Please note!

Hello everyone! I hope that you are enjoying your experience so far. We are getting down to the final week or so before your potential Once A Month Cooking BIG DAY! We have had a few people really ahead of the game that have already completed their cooking day. This is nice for us because they have mentioned a few things that we might want to make note of or change for the coming day. Here are some important things:

  1. After reviewing the spaghetti sauce recipe we have suggested that you add a total of 29 oz of tomato sauce to that recipe (bringing our grocery list tomato sauce total to 93oz).
  2. In addition, there needs to be more mushrooms added to the spaghetti sauce, 20 oz (bringing your total needed for the day to 28oz – there are some in the baked ziti). I have changed both of these amounts to be reflected in the grocery list. But if you have printed off the grocery list before today you will need to make the adjustment.
  3. One person indicated that the lasagna didn’t seem to have enough cottage cheese. This is a preference. Just make note that if you like things super cheesy you may want more cottage cheese on hand.
  4. I forgot to put FOIL on the grocery list! That is really important for marking all of these pans of food! Sorry! I have added it to the grocery list now.

Please remember that you are cooking with us and are ALWAYS welcome to make comments and suggestions. It will inevitably help us and help other readers. If you don’t feel comfortable writing a comment to a post feel free to email us personally. We appreciate any and all feedback!


5 Responses to “February Menu Update – Please note!”

  1. Tish says:

    We completed our big day on Saturday! It did seem like the spaghetti sauce was really thick and we added tomato juice to thin it out. We also had to add another jar of sauce when making the lasagna as there did not seem to be enough and added 8 more ounces of cottage cheese:). Our waffle batter was really runny as well and we added another 2 cups of whole wheat flour. Overall it was a great day and the food has been delicious!

  2. Deborah says:

    I am making banana bread muffins today and noticed that there is no cooking time for the mini loafs. FYI…

  3. Deborah says:

    I made the taco soup last night and it would not all fit into my crock pot. I left the water out and added it at the end in a big bowl. I did not drain any of the canned ingredients because the recipe did not say to do so.

    • tricia says:

      I usually make this in my 6 quart crock pot and it goes right to the rim. Adding the water to the end when you have a smaller one is a good idea. Also, you were correct when you didn’t drain the cans of vegetables.

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