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Get Started: Creating a Custom Grocery List

So many of you have asked if there is a way that you can mix and match different menus. It seems that a majority of you use recipes from multiple menus to complete your cooking day. We understand and do a bit of the same ourselves from time to time.

Despite the great number of you that do this there is no easy (or inexpensive) way to build a system so that you can do that. Without going into a HUGE explanation of why and boring you out of your mind, just understand that we are constantly exploring the options and if we ever come up with a feasible and affordable solution we will most certainly pursue it.

It seems that the greatest challenge is the grocery list. The recipe cards and grocery list are created separately so there is no way for you to simply remove recipe ingredients from the list. We know this isn’t the solution you are hoping for but we do have a few suggestions about how you can use Ziplist to create your mix and matched menu grocery lists. I think that you will find that these work fairly well and will save you time and cutting and pasting in the future.

There are 2 methods you can use but either one of them will require the Ziplist Recipe Clipper. Here is a video and instructions for first installing it.

Ziplist Recipe Clipper

Each of these methods so make sure that you review them to figure out which is going to work best for your needs.

Method #1 – Clicking through Menu Links


  • easy to use the Save Recipe button icon on Once A Month Mom.
  • pictures associated with your recipe box recipes.
  • very minimal cutting and pasting.


  • not all websites we draw recipes from have Ziplist resulting in some cutting and pasting.
  • no control of serving sizes (we adjust all of these for you on the OAMM recipe cards).


Method #2 – Using Once A Month Mom Recipe Cards


  • adjusting serving sizes to match your families needs.


  • no pictures associated with recipes in your recipe box.
  • A LOT of cutting and pasting, Ziplist doesn’t recognize this formatting.

8 Responses to “Get Started: Creating a Custom Grocery List”

  1. Nicole says:

    Method #2 isn’t working for me. After copy/pasting to the Ziplist pop-up and uploading to my list, it is overwriting whatever the last recipe was that I uploaded. So only 1 recipe ever shows up in my list. Help! I was hoping to have OAMM recipe cards do the math for me (math is not my strong suit!), but the time I’ve spent on this already, I could have used Method #1 and done the multiplying myself.

  2. Amy says:

    I have a suggestion that could help a little bit. If you indicate what recipe each grocery item on the list is for, then we can easily identify which ones are for the recipes we do or don’t want for the month and simply remove the ones we don’t want, then combine the lists from several menus into one custom list.

    • Tricia says:

      That sounds like an easy enough suggestion but when you are doing all the stuff we are doing currently x8 menus each month x15 recipes each menu – you have a logistical nightmare on your hand. Rest assured we are working hard on solutions that should be implemented within the year.

  3. Fawn Dintelmann says:

    Would it be possible to export the custom grocery list into excel? Then we could easily add like ingredients together and/or multiply recipes in full.

  4. M. Stone says:

    I’m new to this and I wondered,is it still possible to use Ziplist? I don’t see it in the resources tab.

    Thank you

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