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Get Started: Stocking Your Pantry

Some of you like to stock your pantry in advance, when things are on sale. Makes sense to us, we like to do that too. However, you want to know what might be on upcoming menus and/or what is commonly needed for menus. Fair enough.

Earlier this year I developed a Ziplist checklist of commonly used once a month cooking supplies. You can use this list to keep on hand for when certain items go on deep discount sale. You might also consider making a price book of these items, noting the lowest prices you have seen the items on sale for and thus creating a list for yourself of what is the best price to purchase them at.

Hopefully, you find this list helpful for stocking your pantry for future cooking days. Anything you think I left off and should consider adding?

OAMC (once a month cooking) Stockpiling List


2 Responses to “Get Started: Stocking Your Pantry”

  1. Jennifer Bruner says:

    You asked if we thought there was anything that should be added to the list. These are my suggestions.

    Corn starch or potato starch
    Almond flavoring
    Corn syrup
    Cream of tartar
    Canned green beans
    Canned pinto, lima, navy, great northern, kidney beans

    • karen says:

      Could I ask that what plan you are usually preparing? Many items heavily used in the GF/DF or infant/toddler foods might not be used much in the other plans.

      thanks! I’m just getting started and wondered about the tapioca.

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