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GLUTEN FREE/DAIRY FREE November 2011 OAMM Menu (OAMC, Freezer Cooking, Bulk Cooking, Power Cooking)

This month’s menu is full of tasty fall treats featuring the flavors of ginger, pumpkin and cinnamon, along with sale items to keep your budget in check before the holiday season arrives.  You will find seasonal items such as pumpkin, turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries and apples on this month’s menu.  Several items on the Gluten Free Dairy Free November 2011 menu are perfect to use as make ahead meals for the upcoming holidays.  Give yourself the gift of time this season and do some freezer cooking before the busy season hits.

**Please note there is a Once A Month Mom Holiday eCookbook Blowout Sale on Wednesday, November 2nd starting at 9:30 Eastern Standard Time. Don’t miss out.

I hope you enjoy these meals as much as our early readers/cooks have. If you are new and not sure how to get started, read here. And there are several other helpful links under the Helpful Hints/Resources section below to help you on your cooking journey. Good luck!


Gluten Free Dairy Free Date Nut Bread



Stuffed Pork Roast


Update: This menu is now available in Menu Builder for members in addition to the Google Docs below!  As you can see we have a NEW way of getting and printing your monthly menu documents.  As part of that change, we have also changed the type/size of labels we use. The below labels in Menu Builder will print four to a page and line up with Avery 8168/5168 labels or equivalent.


**Indicates meals that require NO COOKING on your OAMC BIG DAY!

Grocery List



Sample Label

These customized labels are designed specifically for the GLUTEN FREE/DAIRY FREE November 2011 Once A Month Mom Menu. They contain the name of the dish and serving instructions for preparing the dish on your serving day. They make preparation of the dishes hassle free and staying to your eating plan a cinch.

These labels are designed to be printed on Avery 8163 or equivalent! Readers who didn’t have labels available suggested just printing them on paper and taping them.


Are you a person that likes to see the menus visually? Perhaps you should check out the November 2011 Gluten Free Dairy Free Menu via Pinterest to see the yummy goodness you will be cooking up on this menu. Not sure what Pinterest is all about, check out what Once A Month Mom has to say about it.

Facebook Fan Party:

OAMM Facebook Fan Page Party – Sunday, November 13, 2011, 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm EST – We will be able to chat via video AND messaging during the event through FACEBOOK! How cool is that? We will be talking about the current month’s menus, answer your burning questions about freezer cooking and have fun getting to know one another. You can also see other past recordings from that tab as well.

Instructions for viewing live-stream:

  • Go to the Once A Month Mom Facebook Fan Page.
  • Click on the “FB Fan Night” Tab on the left side margin.
  • Hit “view live recording” – If I am live streaming it will show you what is happening in progress. If I am not live streaming at the time, you will have the option to click through other videos that I have recorded in the past.
  • Enjoy!

Test Cooks

Each month we have some wonderful volunteers who “test” out the menu prior to publication. They do an amazing job of helping to eliminate confusion and mistakes. They may not catch everything but they sure do catch A LOT! Here is a little bit about this month’s test cooks:

  • Joslyn Hibma – I am a former Spanish teacher who is now a busy homeschooling mom and wife of a very busy farmer.  We have two celiacs in our family, so label reading is a part of life.  As we have both celiacs, and non-celiacs in our family it was a challenge in the beginning to create meals that would be pleasing for all and not taste like “sawdust”! I have been preparing freezer meals for the past 13 years, and this is what helps keep our home running smoothly and organized.

Helpful Hints/Resources

What do you think of GLUTEN FREE DAIRY FREE November 2011’s menu?


9 Responses to “GLUTEN FREE/DAIRY FREE November 2011 OAMM Menu (OAMC, Freezer Cooking, Bulk Cooking, Power Cooking)”

  1. Thank you so much for including my Turkey Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower Mash Recipe! I’m enjoying browsing your site, keep up the great work.

  2. There seems to be a discrepancy in the turkey stroganoff recipe card. There is no milk or milk substitute in the ingredient list. Just wanted to let you know! ;-)

    • angela says:

      Oops! W will get that changed as soon as I can. The amount of gluten and dairy free milk substitute should be 2 cups for the 1 in the yellow box… Hope that helps until the card reflects that. Thanks for letting me know!

      • Brandicj says:

        The milk substitute was still not in the turkey stroganoff recipe card (or grocery list?) when I downloaded the files today.

  3. Jamie says:

    Can I substitute gluten free all purpose flour for the alternatives used in the recipe or do you think that will drastically change the taste?

    • angela says:

      You could try to replace for the entire amount of the starches/flours in the recipe. If it has xanthan gum in it already, do not add more. The big thing to watch for is how moist or dry the doughs are with the substitution as these are developed with a different balance of starches and gluten free flours, so that might be a problem. I would make a very small test batch to see if the recipe works with the different flour blend before making a big amount for a cooking day. As far as taste, some gluten free flour blends have different taste profiles than others depending on ingredients, so that will depend on what type of all purpose flour blend you are using.

  4. Sandy H. says:

    I was just wondering when January would be available?

  5. Bryce says:

    I love those Pork Chops!!!!

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