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Introduction to the Gluten Free/Dairy Free Menu

Welcome to the Gluten Free/Dairy Free Once a Month Meals Menu

In 2011, after hearing many a reader talk about how their family is having to adapt their meals to be gluten free, dairy free or combination diet we debuted our Gluten Free/Dairy Free menu. Whether it is a diagnosis of celiac’s disease, a child on the autism spectrum, a baby who seems to do best off dairy or a host of other reasons, it seems to be a growing population. We chose to do a combination menu because if you aren’t one or the other, you can always make adjustments fairly easily. For instance, using dairy products or adding them to recipes instead of dairy substitutes if you just need gluten free. And similar changes can be made if you need dairy free but not gluten free.

I hope that you will enjoy this section of the blog and will find it’s resources useful. Please note that this is just one section of the Once A Month Meals website so if you subscribe you will get posts that aren’t gluten free/dairy free recipes. However, we promise to mark all posts accordingly so that you can decipher the difference.

Types of Food Included on the Gluten Free/Dairy Free Once a Month Meals Menu

This menu will include many foods you will find on the Traditional menu but have been converted to Gluten Free/Dairy Free.  There will be a mix between meals that have gluten free or dairy free substitutes such as GF hamburger buns or DF cheese as well as meals that just eliminate gluten and dairy all together.  Each month we will also fill the menu with seasonal produce to keep the grocery budget lower as we know buying GFDF substitutes can be more expensive at times. Gluten Free Dairy Free Freezer Cooking Recipes found on Once A Month Meals | Freezer Cooking | Freezer MealsYou can find recipes from past and current menus on our Pinterest board as well.

Breakfast Recipes – 3

It is important to start your day off right. And just because you can’t have gluten or dairy doesn’t mean you have to skip breakfast. For the most part these recipes are designed for you to grab and go as we know morning can be a hectic time.

Lunch Recipes – 4

A majority of the time these meals are geared to be served cold or to have minimal prep on the stovetop or microwave. If they needed heated they will be in readily available means that are quick and easy, for example microwaved. This way, whether you are feeding the family at home or preparing a meal at work, you don’t waste the lunch hour in the kitchen for your food to be prepared.

Dinner Recipes – 8

Dinners will be entrees that you can prepare easily for your family on your cooking day. We know that time is valuable in the evening hours and we want you to be able to spend them with your family as much as possible





36 Responses to “Introduction to the Gluten Free/Dairy Free Menu”

  1. Thank you! The Hallelujah chorus is singing! As a mom with food allergies in her family, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your efforts in this regard. THANK YOU!!!!

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  3. Holly says:

    So excited about this! We are dairy free due to my 4 year old’s allergies so I’m looking forward to more ideas here (hoping she will expand her horizons beyond chicken nuggets)! Thank you!!!

  4. Heather says:

    When is this going to be up? So excited since I am gluten and dairy free!


    • Tricia says:

      Recipes are coming throughout the month of April and the first of many menus will be up the 1st of May, and the first of the month thereafter.

      • Amanda says:

        Great I’m hoping you include some great ham and turkey recipes! I got them both on sale during Easter to last us a month!

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  6. Martine says:

    I am so excited to see the new menu. Thank you very much.

  7. Lyndsey says:

    This is so great! Myself and 2 of my children have just been diagnosed with Celiac and my other child has a severe dairy allergy. This will be an invaluable resource to lessen the load and ease the overwhelming feeling that I have about the meals of the day. Food has become a necessity… not a joyous event anymore. So excited! :-)

  8. Kim says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. My daughter and I both have the Celiac, so this is going to be a great help!!! Thank you, I can’t say it enough!!!!

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  10. Christine says:

    This is so exciting! I’ve been wanting to try your menus for a very long time, but we are gluten free… Now we can. Thanks!

  11. Clay says:

    Huzzah! Our 6 year old was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and our 3 year old and 1 year old both have strong sensitivities to dairy. It’s hard to find recipes that are GF/CF as well as family friendly, and GF/CF OAMC menus are a rare treat!

    My sister-in-law loves your site, and raves about the menus, but till now I’ve had a hard time following along since it seemed like the time I saved with batch cooking was used up in adapting the recipes. Thank you so much for the time and effort you’ve put into this! :) I seriously can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

    • Tricia says:

      I am so glad to hear that you are looking forward to this menu. We are excited to reveal it to you. And so glad to hear this will be helping you serve your family better.

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  13. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much! I was planning on spending my summer testing recipes to see if they would freeze well and still taste good when re-heated. This is such a time-saver…I used to do once a month cooking 12 years ago when my family was larger. Now because of the newly diagnosed food allergies, sometimes when I come home I am so tired I can’t think about what is available to make a meal. Eating out is expensive and often isn’t always rewarding when you are eating sandwich meat or a hamburger with no bread/bun. Cooking at home is the safest way to go, and now it can be ready!!

    • Tricia says:

      Melissa, your story is EXACTLY why we created this menu. We do hope you find it helpful. If you do adapt recipes on your own feel free to share them with us on Facebook or via email, we would love to share them with others!

  14. Ali says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m with Melissa – making meals has become completely overwhelming and exhausting, and I am so incredibly grateful that you are providing this resource!!

  15. Becky says:

    I was hoping this would be the answer to my dairy/gluten delimma. Many of your recipes containg EGGS (a dairy product). Any suggestions?

    • Tricia says:

      Yes! Angela includes an egg substitute recipe on the monthly recipe cards! So there is still hope for you, just drill into the recipe cards.

    • angela says:

      Hi, Becky! The definition of dairy free I am working with is all dairy (such as cow, goat, etc.) milk free. Eggs are not actually a dairy product as they are produced by very different categories of animals in very different parts of their bodies. Eggs are often found in the dairy section of the store, but are a separate allergen category and have a very different allergen structure.

      However, eggs are a top allergen effecting many people. I try to have egg free notes for each recipe card whenever possible. If I missed it, please let me know and I will put the egg free option in the comments for you and all who may need it. You can also email me at angela(at)onceamonthmom(dot)com with any egg replacement questions you may have.

      In most baked goods, I often use 1 T ground flax (I usually use golden) mixed with 3 T hot water. I set this aside until thickened and use it to replace one egg for binding in a recipe. I hope that helps!

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  20. Tracy says:

    Thank you to the 1,000,000,000 power!! We have one GF and another that can’t have dairy in our household.

  21. Krysta says:

    Thanks so much for this! My husband and I decided to try once a month cooking to help us save time and money but I was at a loss to start with gluten-free diet restrictions and other prepared meal recipes. Thanks!!!

  22. Jennifer says:

    I Love, love, LOVE this idea!!! and am So excited that you guys have done this. Unfortunately :( we have even bigger dietary concerns for the moment… I was wondering if you might have ‘rough guidelines’ – suggestions for how many servings it will take, what sort of variety, etc to consider when making a custom monthly meal plan? We are going on GAPS, which is a variation of the SCD meant to heal food intolerances, and other gut issues. We’re excited about the healing- but overwhelmed with the cooking! I have a very hands on 16mo old, and am single. the first stage of the diet is all soups, boiled meats, boiled vegetables, herbs, and a little honey here and there if desired. So even a GF/DF menu will be a challenge to adapt for us. This stage doesn’t last long =) but it’s necessary. Do you have just, rough ideas for me to help get through this first part? After that the diet gradually becomes more and more like the Nourishing Traditions diet- eventually leading into that style. So soon I should be able to use your traditional menu =) but for a brief period… not so much.

    Thank you for this WONDERFUL!!! webpage, and amazing ideas!!! it’s so exciting to see such an awesome blog- and especially to see how responsive you are to people’s needs :) thank you a million!!

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  24. Tonya says:

    Seriously I am tearing up because I have been so physically and mentally overwhelmed at my dietary issues and the fact that i am the onyl one of a family of 5 that has to eat like this. I struggle every single day with what I am going to eat and feed my family. You see I am a full time employee as a full time mother of 3 children. I hate meal planning and am so tired trying to keep up with my life, the last thing I want to think about is what the heck we are having for dinner. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for such an awesome resource. Blessings!

    • Kelly says:

      Well thank you Tonya for doing your best everyday! We appreciate you! And we promise OAMM will only get better in the next few weeks for you as we approach mix and match menus so you can create a menu you KNOW you’re whole family will enjoy!

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  26. Krista says:

    We are starting the Daniel Plan (core, not detox) and I was wondering if anyone else had also done that and found that this GFDF menu is a good compliment to the plan? Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Katie says:

      I just looked at the program a little bit and I think maybe the Whole Foods plan would be a better fit. From what I can see, you are allowed both gluten and some dairy on the Daniel plan (but I could be wrong since it’s my first time really looking at it). If anyone has tried it and has more help for Krista, please chime in!

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