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Homemade Cereal Bar Cookies Video Tutorial

Homemade Cereal Bar Cookie | Once A Month Meals | Freezer Friendly | Kid Friendly We have had many a person comment that their cereal bar cookies were good but crumbly. I have mulled over the reasons in my mind many a time and haven’t come up with a common problem in the recipe. I have even gone over the recipe several different times to see if I can find an error. When all else failed, I decided to make a video so that you can see the ingredients, process, and techniques that I use to create my cereal bar cookies. I am NOT a baker and have made at least 5 batches without a problem.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Use BUTTER don’t substitute margarine. There is a chance that if you are substituting margarine that they aren’t holding up as well because of it.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you measure whole oats and then grind or measure already ground oats. I have done it both way with equally good results.
  • Well ground oats are easier to work in then whole oats.
  • You can grind oats in your food processor, blender or magic bullet if you don’t have a mill.
  • Work your dough until it is one giant ball before proceeding to dividing among muffin tins.

Without further ado:

If you can’t see the above video, please visit our YouTube channel to access it – http://youtube.com/oncemonthmom.

14 Responses to “Homemade Cereal Bar Cookies Video Tutorial”

  1. Carla says:

    Nicely made video. Crystal clear instructions.

  2. Katrina says:

    Ok your dough looks more wet then mine.. I did everything you did but my dough was more flaky. Hmm maybe because of the dry weather up here in the cold? Thanks for the video

  3. Shirlene says:

    Great video! Now I want a warm cookie like that!

  4. Jen W says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put together a video; so very helpful :) I can’t wait to make these for my kids!

  5. Michelle K says:

    Thank you for doing this video. I was one of the ones who had a problem with them being crumbly. I watched the video and made them again tonight and they came out so much better!! Thank you for taking the time to make the video because I think these bars are an awesome snack. Bringing them to my son’s class tomorrow for snack!! Thank you!!!

  6. Dana says:

    I first glanced over the recipe and read the butter as 1 stick. But you used 2. You might want to correct the recipe to say 1 cup or 2 sticks. I know that I often read a recipe too fast and can miss those details.

  7. Leanne Dupont says:

    This was disappointing. I did everything you did in the video and they came out either cracked with the filling spilling out (which was not the case when I put them in the oven–there were no cracks)or all crumbling. I made sure to spray the cupcake pan with cooking spray and they still stuck. I thought maybe that I needed to let them cool longer (after I had already let them cool for 20 minutes)so I waited even longer and they still wouldn’t come out in one piece. I’m going to try one more time and then I’ll probably go back to buying Nutri-Grain cereal bars. They make them without HFCS now.

  8. Maria says:

    Hello Tricia!
    Thank you so much for the recipe. I did the cookies for my daughter to take to school this week. It was delicious and more important healthy!
    Greetings from Istanbul!

  9. Sonja K says:

    Could you use jarred baby food fruit puree as a filling or would that be too runny?

    • Lisa says:

      Sonja – That might work. I would suggest an “older” like #2 or #3 puree so that it would be a little thicker! Let us know if it works out!

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