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Homemade Salsa Verde Recipe

Green is quite possibly one of my favorite colors. It’s fresh, new, exciting, and just makes me scream for spring and summer. Nothing accompanies the start of the season better than salsa and chips right? This is the ultimate combo of both, Salsa Verde! My Aunt Nancy gave me this recipe for my bridal shower, and it’s been a staple in our house ever since.

Salsa Verde


Kelly @ onceamonthmeals.com


  • 1.5 quarts water
  • 18 tomatillos, washed and husked
  • 1 white onion, peeled and quartered
  • 5 whole cloves garlic, peeled
  • 4 serrano chiles
  • 1/2 bunch cilantro
  • 1 teaspoon salt


1) In a medium saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add tomatillos, onion quarters, garlic cloves, and whole chiles.

2) Boil 30 minutes. Remove from heat and cool.

3) Drain, reserving cooking water (which will be used to adjust thickness of tomatillo sauce)

4) With an immersion blender, or in a food processor or blender, whirl cooked ingredients with cilantro and salt.

Freezing Directions:

Let cool and place into Tupperware or pint size bags until ready to use, but be sure to leave some fresh in the refrigerator for snacking!

Servings: 4 Cups

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20 Responses to “Homemade Salsa Verde Recipe”

  1. Pamela says:

    I love Salsa Verde. Only difference is I make mine by roasting my ingredients instead of boiling them. I also use Pablano Chiles instead of Serranos. If I want more heat, I add some Jalapeno. I’m growing my own tomatillos and chiles this year. I’m going to have to learn how to can so I can store this for the long haul.

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  3. Wendy says:

    I have a similar recipe that calls for rotel in the salsa, but the tomatillos are not cooked. Do you think that it can still be frozen without any problems, or should I cook the rotel and tomatillos before freezing?

    • Kelly says:

      Well Rotel is just a version of canned tomatoes and green chiles. I would recommend cooking and blending before freezing for easier use. I do not recommend freezing tomatillos fresh, and making the salsa later.

  4. Miz Helen says:

    This looks like an awesome Salsa Verde. I can almost taste this on a fresh chip or heaped on my Enchilada Yum! I will be trying this recipe very soon. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week!

  5. Angela says:

    This looks awesome, Kelly! I usually can mine during the late summer, but I love this quick one. I bet the flavor is so fresh! All that and naturally gluten free. Woo-hoo!

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks Angela! Yes tomatillos are generally easier to find in the later summer and ready to can then for enjoyment all year!

  6. Andria says:

    I think I am missing just one thing… How much cilantro is needed? I do not see it on the ingredients list. I am going to assume one whole bunch, but I just want to double check! Thanks for all the great recipes!!

    • Kelly says:

      Whoops sorry! I would say one whole bunch, about one cup chopped. You’re very welcome, come back and let me know what you think!

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  8. Melissa M says:

    Can you can the salsa verde? I’d love to make this…but would rather not take up the freezer space!

    • Kelly says:

      Yes you TOTALLY can! I actually did a small batch this weekend and it worked great. I would process for about 10-15 minutes in a boiling bath and you’ll be good to go! Enjoy!

  9. Melissa Mulvaney says:

    Im making my 3rd batch of this!! I’m taking advantage of finding tomatillos in my favorite produce market. The first batch was good, but in my 2nd batch, I added one small jalepeno. It gave it such a great, tiny little kick!!! Yummo!! Now I have a double batch on the stove right now! Thanks for all you do!!!!

    • Kelly says:

      That’s wonderful to hear Melissa! I always add jalapenos or hotter peppers to my batches, but not everyone likes the heat we do!

  10. April says:

    Can I use regular green tomatoes for this recipie?

    • Kelly says:

      I have not made this recipe with green tomatoes. I only used tomatillos. You can definitely give it a try and let me know how it goes!

  11. Kelly says:

    Quick question: do you use only cilantro leaves, or stems and leaves? The recipe seems to say the whole kit and caboodle, which is fine, but I’ve never used the stems before and just want to be sure. Thanks!

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