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How I Once a Month Cook: Melissa

Like many other writers how I Once a Month Cook has evolved and changed based on events and happenings in my family.  How I cook now, with a 3 year old and an 18 month old looks vastly different from what I did when I was pregnant with my first child.  For one thing, having two toddlers running around makes it very difficult to keep everything straight when I have multiple things going on!

Do I follow the Once a Mom Menus?  In a word, no.  I do however use many of the recipes from the site.  In fact one of our favorites is Tricia’s Ham and Potato Pockets that I have adjusted to use my own crescent roll dough recipe. My family has many favorites of its own which I have been incorporating into my own menus.  The Create Your Own Menu Series was a great resource as I developed my own custom menus.

Do I cook only once a month?  I love to cook and bake, so I couldn’t limit myself to just one day a month. At the same time I love to have freezer meals to fall back on for those busy nights after work or when I’m too tired to cook and the kids are starving!

Want to hear more and have a peek into my kitchen?  Take a peek at my video!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing!

    Do you have a link to your crescent roll recipe?

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