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IMPORTANT Membership UPDATE – Monthly Members

You know how you check to make sure you have sippy cups, and a change of clothes and the extra diapers and the wipes and anything you might possibly need before you leave the house? And then you lock your keys in the house? Yea, that is the equivalent of what is going on right now with those of you that signed up for monthly membership – there was a HUGE messup via Paypal with your membership set up. Sigh.

It is nothing that can’t be fixed with a few keystrokes but those keystrokes have to be done by you. Sorry. We are learning and ironing out the system. So who does this affect? And what is being done to fix it?

Who? Anyone that signed up for a monthly OAMM membership on September 1-30, 2012. (THIS DOES NOT EFFECT YEARLY MEMBERS).

What? Your membership only charged you for the first month, after that your membership will no longer be valid or useable, you will expire in the system. The price will be the SAME as when you FIRST signed up – you get the same $7/month or $63 year discount rate that applied during that period.

What do you do? 

  1. Sit tight, we will be sending you an email with details.
  2. You will see an email from Paypal stating your account was cancelled. This is in reference to your ORIGINAL transaction that we wired wrong. We need to cancel it to ensure you never get charged from that account accidentally.
  3. You will get an email from us ON or BEFORE your renewal date (same day in October as you purchased in September) outlining details how you renew your membership through Paypal THE RIGHT WAY.
  4. This process will take you to your existing account and update it.
  5. If you haven’t received an email from tricia at onceamonthmeals.com by this date or you are getting an “Membership Expired” message PLEASE check your spam/junk folders first; then email us to let us know.

Our deepest apologies on “locking our keys in the car” and thank you for your MEMBERSHIP and your readership. We promise the coming months are going to be smoother sailing.

5 Responses to “IMPORTANT Membership UPDATE – Monthly Members”

  1. Ronda Robertson says:

    as a paid member, will the ads eventually go away? I find the floating mattress survey most disappointing since paying to be on this site. Thank you for all the work put into the site, I hope things work out, soon!

    • Tricia says:

      Sigh. Yes they will, when contracts are expired. :) I will work to get some of those floating ads off – they are not suppose to be there. Thank you.

  2. breeoxd says:

    don worry, its not just you. Over the last few months I have had every single subscription that I pay through paypal have a problem. EVERY one. An they had the gall to tell me that ( on numerous occasions via form letter)company xyz must not consider me a valued customer because they are denying my payment. This is clearly an issue with them. Ugh.

  3. Erica says:

    whew, i’m glad it wasn’t something i did wrong! thanks for the explanation, i will get my membership sorted out ASAP today! :)

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