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Introduction to the Paleo Menu

Welcome to the Paleo Once a Month Meals Menu

The Paleo menu debuted January 2013 and quickly became one of our most popular menus.  Our very own Kelly talks about her journey into a Paleo lifestyle here.  We also have a series on completing a Whole30 and how to incorporate freezer cooking to help you succeed.  This menu focuses on environmental stewardship, sustainability meaning grass fed pasture raised meats and eggs, organic and non-GMO foods, often making it more expensive to shop for than the other menus.   We do have some tips on how to stick to a budget while eating Paleo.


Types of Food Included on the Paleo Once a Month Meals Menu

Paleo Freezer Recipes Featured on Once A Month Meals | Freezer Cooking | Freezer Meals | OAMCThe Paleo menu is protein heavy and filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables.  You will notice this menu also has to be adapted from other sites more often than the other menus do.  What that means is you may see a link that is NOT Paleo compliant but we have made the changes within the recipe card.  There will be a limited use of sweeteners in all recipes and any flours used will be Paleo compliant (such as almond flour or coconut flour). You can find recipes we have used on past and current menus on our Pinterest board as well


Breakfast Recipes – 3

Making sure to start your day off with proteins and vegetables is very important to a successful Paleo diet.  We will have 3 different breakfast options to fill you up and minimize your time in the kitchen.

Lunch Recipes – 4

Lunches will be lighter but full of protein to help you power through the afternoon slump.  Recipes will either be served cold or have minimal prep on the stovetop or microwave. If they needed heated, they will be in readily available means that are quick and easy, for example microwaved. This way, whether you are feeding the family at home or preparing a meal at work, you don’t waste the lunch hour in the kitchen for your food to be prepared.

Dinner Recipes – 8

Dinner will be a good variety for you to choose from.  Protein sources will be primarily chicken, beef, and pork though there may be an occasional seafood recipe.   Each month will incorporate the flavors of seasonal produce as well.


4 Responses to “Introduction to the Paleo Menu”

  1. Ronelle says:

    Hi, I am interested in signing up for your menus, but want to know if membership gives access to all the menus you offer or only to a specific menu, e.g. Paleo. And are the various menus co-ordinated, i.e. if one person in the home eats Paleo and another is on a Weight Watchers diet and the rest eat ‘normal’, are there synergies between the three menus or are they all totally different?

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Ronelle! When you become a member you have access too all menus! The menus are not swappable yet, as in you can’t take three paleo dishes, four diet dishes, and a traditional recipe and create your own menu. BUT it’s coming very soon! In the meantime however you do have access to all of our menus once you become a member. onceamonthmeals.com/membership/join/

  2. Lisa says:

    I noticed there aren’t many side items listed. Are there any paleo side items elsewhere on the site that I just missed? Also, has anyone tried freezing cauliflower “mashed potatoes” – that would save a lot of time in the kitchen!

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Lisa, yes most of our meals are main dishes. Sides are so particular to families and needs that we don’t plan those. However on our thaw sheet we do have suggestions for sides. And yes I have done the cauliflower mashed potatoes in serving sizes and it worked great!!

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