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It’s the Little Things {Top Ten Tuesday}

2011 Honda Odyssey

Thanks to this crazy little blog, I have some opportunities that aren’t afforded to the average citizen. Namely, access to things like a brand spanking new Honda Odyssey to drive around for a week. You know, to see if we liked it or not. I tell you, on the days when the menus are overwhelming me, it is gigs like this one that get me through.

I wasn’t making it up that we are at a cross-roads in our family. We have finally sold our beloved SUV and moved ourselves into minivan territory. The problem being that we have been on the fence about which mini-van to purchase. Mostly because my husband and I have been loyal Honda and/or Toyota purchasers our entire lives and both companies have EXCELLENT choices in the minivan category. And it appears that we are NOT alone. So many of you chimed in with your love of your minivan, making the decision that much more confusing.

So driving around one of these vehicles for a week was a HUGE help in reaching that decision. We are still in process, but here are a few things specific to the Honda Odyssey that I think that your grocery going self will LOVE.

So I am busting out the Top Ten Tuesday (it has been a LONG while) to bring you the Honda Odyssey features that wooed me the most:

If that wagon fits in with extra space you have PLENTY of room for a month of groceries!

1. Trunk Space – the first thing I “added” to the minivan they brought me are what I refer to as the “essential non-standard features”: the toddler potty and the wagon. Both fit in the trunk with plenty of room for much more. In fact, later that week we decided to take an impromptu trip to Indianapolis and filled the back with luggage too. Still plenty of room!

And a month full of groceries? NO PROBLEM!

2. Trunk Closing Button – I LOVED not having to use my energy to pull down that heavy trunk door and latch it. Instead I just pulled a button and wahla, it was open!

3. Rear backing camera – Every car should come standard with this is my belief. Amazing. Seeing what is behind you and a bit of a guide to help you determine how far you are backing so you don’t back into the grocery cart corral. Let me say it again, amazing.

4. 8th Seat – I LOVE the 8th seat. We left it in and I turned the seat down so the kids had extra cup holders. They loved it, they felt like they had their own little table. And I was amazed to find out that the 2011 Odyssey actually had anchors on the seat for putting another car seat there. I thought that was a great added feature.

5. Cup Holders – my husband laughs at me because my greatest criteria for purchasing a vehicle is the number of cup holders that are accessible, especially to the driver. The more the merrier. True, I am rarely drinking 6 beverages at one time to warrant the mass amount of cup holders BUT there are occasions when I have a million and one sippy cups that need a home! Can I get an amen?


Dumby proof navigation!

6. Navigation – If you had asked me before if I wanted navigation in my next vehicle I would have just laughed at you. I have an iPhone for goodness sakes, who needs navigation when you need that? Apparently a mom with two kids who is already distracted enough by driving that she doesn’t need to be trying to look at her phone too! That is who!

Those of you with navigation are probably thinking that is old hat, but it was new to me. And I loved that it quited the radio or CD I was playing when it wanted to give me directions so I didn’t miss a turn. AND it evenĀ  had this cool picture in picture thing to tell me which lane of the highway I needed to be on when highways split. Amazing.

I also should mention that I have a general mistrust of navigation systems but this one actually helped me get over that fear. She proved time and again I could trust her.

7. Simple Automatic Rear Doors – My son absolutely loved that he could make the doors open and close simply by pulling the outside handle. He was all, “Mom, stand back, I’ll do it myself”. And at 3, I will TAKE the fact that he is starting to do some things on his own.

8. Easy in and Out – With toddlers this was the single most important reason we decided to move into mini-van territory. My kids need to be able to get in and out of the vehicle without me fearing they will do a face plant on the cement or that it will take them 10 minutes to climb into their car seats. I enjoy the “workout” somedays, but other days I don’t want to be lugging their 30 pound selves everywhere. The Odyssey was so easy to get in and out of.

9. The drivers storage console – I ALWAYS have stuff that I need to take with me, have near me but have no where to store! Not in this mini van. Even when one of my Honda Odyssey owning friends joined me for a trip she said, “Wow, does that go all the way to China?” It was HUGE! I big puffy heart extra storage space.

How "cool" is this? :)

10. A COOLER! – Yes, if you have made it to the end of the post you have discovered my FAVORITE feature of the 2011 Honda Odyssey that we drove! The built in storage cooler! When in use it uses the A/C to cool the compartment and items that you are carrying. On our 2.5 hour trip to Indianapolis I stored milk and fresh fruit in the cooler for the kids to have as a snack along the way. It was incredible.

Overall, the message that I was left with when return the Odyssey was it was all about the “little things”. As a mom, I appreciate when someone else goes ahead and figures out the little things for me, before I have to. And everywhere I turned in this Honda Odyssey I found thoughtful features that made my life easier as a mom.

And my son? Well he definitely embraced his inner soccer mom for the week. Every day he asked me if we could drive the van and go Krogering. Cracked me up. Here is what he had to say the day they came to pick up the van:

[youtube EZ4_9g4w7FE nolink]

Now I am thinking that I should have reviewed other vehicles first because others might not stand a chance after this one. What do you think? Do you own an Odyssey? Do you love it as much as I think I would love it if we bought one? If you own something else, why that van?

5 Responses to “It’s the Little Things {Top Ten Tuesday}”

  1. Lisa says:

    We just got a brand new Odessey 2weeks ago. Never owned a minivan. Its absolutely love. I honestly don’t know how I lived with out it. You listed on the awesome features and that rear camera should be standard on all cars for sure. Love love love my Odessey.

  2. Jen says:

    We leased a new Odyessy about 2 months ago and we love it. Unfortunately all the upgrades were not in the budget for us so we got the EX because I really wanted the power doors. But even without all the other bells and whistles, we love it because of the space… and the cup holders :)

  3. Laura L says:

    We also just bought a brand new Odyssey a couple of months ago and absolutely LOVE it! We went for the middle of the line model, so we don’t have quite as many extras as you, but love it none the less. The automatic doors and the 8th seat have to be on the top of my list for great features.

  4. I have a 2004, and while I don’t have all the bells and whistles that your newer model has, I LOVE IT! We’ve considered getting a smaller car now that we don’t have strollers and massive car seats and pacNplays when we travel, but I just can’t give it up!

  5. All good things to know! I know we won’t be buying a 2011 anytime soon, but since we’re moving on campus we’re definitely considering trading in both cars for a van of some kind.

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