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My secret to OAMM success: Skype

One thing we don’t talk about often is exactly who are behind the scenes making this all happen. I mean, you don’t believe for a second that I do this all by myself, do you? I may be the original Once A Month Mom but there are a whole host of “Once A Month Mom’s” who bring this site to you on a daily basis.

A little over two years ago, when I decided to add specialty menus, it became evident I needed to add more people. I was faced with a complex issue: How was I going to find people who a) were once a month cooks b)  knew and followed the Once A Month Mom way c) could create the resources we needed and d) lived near me in Dayton, Ohio?

I could think of a quite a few who fit into a through c, but not d. This is when I realized with Skype, I was no longer confined to geography. The world was my pool of applicants. I began the search right here, on the site, with the people who knew and loved freezer cooking and the OAMM way the best – YOU! I did a call, sent emails with applicants and had strong candidates conduct video interviews via Skype. Video interviews allowed me to connect in a deeper way with candidates, get to know them, read their facial expressions, and figure out if there was a connection beyond their ability to choose menus. It erased the distance between us.

Over the last two years I have conducted many interviews and we now have seven menu curators in six different states, across the US, who serve you every month. Each and every day we have a Skype “room” open and are chatting (via typing) with each other. We call it our virtual office and unlike a real office (or maybe just like one) anything goes. We discuss upcoming posts, series, life, love, kids, diapers, flat tires, grocery store runs and well, you get the picture, just about everything.

2011 Skype Christmas Parties – Displaying their cupcakes in a mug!

Using Skype this way means I stay connected to those who are providing resources to you and we can discuss immediately the happenings of the site. When you are interacting with one of us via any social media outlet, you are talking to all of us. We share these interactions with one another regularly.

Skype has also allowed us to form deep and meaningful friendships with one another. In fact, there are writers on this site that I have never met in person, yet, I am closer to than most of my in real life friends. Why? Because this team and I talk on an almost daily basis. I don’t have that with my real life friends. We have even gone as far as having Christmas parties together through video, playing games, exchanging gifts and sharing a meal together. What a fun and unique experience!

When I was asked if we had anything we wanted to tell the world about Skype for a post we shouted YES! In the age of change and advanced technology we are no longer bound by geography. The world is at our screen and is only a click away. I can get to these folks faster than I can get to my friend that lives down the street. And our relationship is not LESS meaningful or deep because we are separated by hundreds of miles, it is MORE meaningful because we are able to access each other on a regular basis.

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Skype via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skype.


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  1. We used to live in Dayton! Washington Township, actually. :) Made me smile reading this and remembering our time in Dayton. :)

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