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October (Thanksgiving Edition) OAMM Menu, Podcast, Grocery List, Instructions and Labels


Thanks for joining us again or welcome first time visitors! We are glad you have joined us. You can learn more about the origin of this months menu by listening to the podcast. If you are new and not sure how to get started, read here. For frequently asked questions visit here.

And don’t forget to RSVP for the Once A Month Mom Tweet-Up on October 10th. You will be really sad if you miss it!


  • This audio podcast will describe to you the items on sale for the month, the philosophy behind the meal choices and helpful hints for preparing for this months cooking day.
  • Listen in the orange player at the top of this post…


**Indicates meals that require NO COOKING on your OAMC BIG DAY!

Grocery List

  • Included in this spreadsheet you will find a listing of all the items you will need to complete your October OAMC BIG DAY. For more instructions on how to use this, go here.
  • Grocery List


  • These are the step-by-step instructions you will need to quickly and efficiently approach your OAMC BIG DAY!
  • Instructions


We have designed a set of 9 pages of labels designed to be printed on Avery 8163 or equivalent. These labels allow you to have 5 sticker labels for each of the meals that you will be preparing.

Helpful Hints/Resources

What do you think of October’s menu?

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51 Responses to “October (Thanksgiving Edition) OAMM Menu, Podcast, Grocery List, Instructions and Labels”

  1. Bedky Dell says:

    YUMMY!! Looks good!

  2. Zonnah says:

    Is it just me or is the player for the podcast not showing up?

  3. Jamie says:

    Ohhh… you’re doing a demo of the veggie pinwheels at the Tweet-up? We’ll see how good they are! :) hehehe…. Can’t wait!

  4. Cindy says:

    The link to the “meat pie” is not working. Takes me to Amazon.

  5. Jessi says:

    I’m wondering about the Pumpkin Ravioli…the recipe calls for cinnamon but I dont see it ever being used in the instructions. Am I missing something??

    • tricia says:

      Might be a typo, I will investigate

    • tricia says:

      Turns out you were right, I wrote them into the instructions.

    • Amy says:

      If you go back to the original RR pumpkin ravioli recipe, the cinnamon, sugar and chili powder are for seasoning the fresh pumpkin seeds. I think pumpkin seeds would be quite tasty like that, but as I’m still working on my 2008 frozen pumpkin stash, I don’t have any pumpkin seeds right now.

      • tricia says:

        Oh yea, I totally missed that! Guess we can eliminate those ingredients. Sure glad I have everyone’s extra eyes, mine are blurred by pregnancy. :) (or that is my excuse for the next 2 months).

  6. Jessi says:

    Ohhh…same for the sugar and chili powder…

  7. Elizabeth says:

    It’s funny…I’m reminded of the cultural differences of North vs. South holidays when I see this menu. Bread Stuffing is certainly no substitute for Cornbread Dressing in the South! Side note-we have no canned pumpkin either… :(

  8. Hi Tricia, thanks for linking to my cranberry pork roast! Your menu looks and sounds delicious. I love the fall.
    xoxo steph

  9. Vicki says:

    We have canned pumpkin in the South. Alabama carries Libby canned pumpkin located with the fruit fillings at your grocer’s.

  10. Diana says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!! We just had the Islander Pork Roast…. just outstanding. We loved the gravy. I served it with baked potatoes and steamed cauliflower & broccoli. A real keeper!
    Thanks so much!
    Diana in Illinois

  11. becca says:

    Thanks for all these wonderful tools to help my family. I have been a twice a month cook recently and LOVE having things ready to go. I recently started homeschooling and it is a big help to have one less thing to do in the afternoon. I really appreciate you.

  12. Sarah says:

    We have made the gingerbread waffles and pumpkin coffee cakes. They are both delicious! I made some of the pumpkin coffee cakes into muffins for quick snacks, I just cooked them about 25 minutes. They are great!

  13. cecilia says:

    I am new to your site and am trying to find the recipe for enchilada chicken that you spoke about… I put it in the search, but it came up with all kinds of results,wasnt really narrowed down, is there an easier way?thanks!

    • tricia says:

      I didn’t talk about enchilada chicken this month in my podcast. I do believe there is a link to a chicken enchiladas recipe though if you search the site. It isn’t our recipe so it is just a link to another recipe.

  14. Stacy says:

    Thanks so much for the link to my site for the Islander Pork Roast. I see from the comments that is was already a hit. I really appreciate it!

  15. MominMtPleasant says:

    I seem to have trouble finding deep dish 8×8 pans. I have checked dollar tree, dollar general & 3 of my local grocery stores. Any suggestions?

    • tricia says:

      Watch the tweet-up Saturday night for more info. . .the short answer is that sometimes grocery stores sell them, just more expensive.

    • Jaybird says:

      I use pans from GFS, they are about 10inches long, 5 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. They hold the same as the deep dish pans, and fit better in an over the fridge freezer. Plus, they are way cheaper then at the grocery.

  16. Angela says:

    The gluten and dairy free adaptions for October’s breakfasts, sides and appetizers is now up on my blog. Grocery list and instructions will be up tomorrow. I still have to figure out that cool spread sheet thingy she uses. I will try and have a go at it this weekend and see if I can get it to work. Wish me luck!


  17. sarah r says:

    just looking at the instructions for perfect mashed potatoes. it says cook potatoes in crock pot on HIGH for 7 hours or LOW for 4. i may be wrong, but shouldn’t it be the other way around? thanks!

  18. Dawn says:

    OK – another “beginner” question for you…I’m just getting to the point of THINKING about once a month cooking. Perhaps I’m a bit of a food snob. Anyway, I’ve been sampling recipes (cooking a single portion) and have been pretty pleased so far. This month, I have decided to do the scalloped corn, the meat pies, and the pumpkin coffee cake (perhaps more as the month progresses). I don’t notice you mentioning in the “cooking” instructions whether I’m supposed to cook covered or uncovered.

    As a general rule of thumb, shall I assume uncovered unless it states otherwise?

    Thanks again for the great site. I hope to find a friend that would be willing to jump in head first with me on this.

    • tricia says:

      You should actually assume to cook it COVERED unless otherwise stated. I will try to keep a closer look at though for the future. I usually try to indicate that in reheating instructions.

  19. Tracy Pierron says:

    I generally do 2 – 3 dishes at a time, but this month, I decided to do a whole day of cooking today. I’m exhausted, but it was well worth it! I used a mish-mash of recipes I’ve used before, but I tried your gingerbread waffles for my son’s breakfasts. Soooooo delicious! Thanks! I’ll definitely be using some of the recipes from here in the future. Wonderful site.

  20. Michelle says:

    Did a “dinner session” on Monday since I was off work for Columbus day. Got 12 dinners in the freezer…mix of August and October menus. They all looked DELICIOUS going into the freezer, can’t wait to try them hot out of the oven =) Did have to have one of the pumpkin coffee cakes hot out of the oven. It was a big hit with hubby, toddler son, and myself-YUMMY!!

  21. Cindy says:

    On the printable recipes the “Meat Pie” says 5 each under ingredients for Peeled potatoes. Is that 5 potatoes? In the past where I have seen this it meant lbs.

  22. Jo Ramsay says:

    Slammed out the month’s menus yesterday..plus everything else for 3 meals a day for the entire month..I grabbed some of my favorite meals and recipes that would use up what I already had to fill in for all of November..calendar on the frig..grand total including stuff for pets, cleaning, personal, seasonal (stuff to make special holiday cookies, dips, etc.)..for right at $520 for a family of 4…will just need to buy a couple of gallons of milk and a bit of fresh fruit and a loaf of bread every week or so…

    but let’s see..my baguette casserole looked a bit dry so don’t know if I used bigger bread or ?? just checked the original recipe and it calls for twice as much cheese as this site’s..will probably add another cup of milk/couple of eggs when I thaw it…
    the tortilla roll ups..mine came out much wetter..possibly because I pulsed in the food processer..added another block of cream cheese trying to alleviate moisture ..but that recipe is YUMMMY>>>>husband was test driving as soon as I got them rolled up..half are going in the freezer…the other half being sliced up this afternoon for an event my teenager “forgot” to mention…

    the cranberry pork recipe has in the directions to add sugar..but no sugar in the ingredients list so I went back and read recipe…calls for cran sauce or cranberries and sugar..and 1/2 lemon in lieu of juice..we love the cran/orange flavor so I think I’m gonna add a half orange to the bag…

    and…I had never cooked potatoes to mash in the crockpot..can’t say I was impressed with the way mine turned out..i had chopped in the food processor and maybe got too small as when cooked it was a gluey gelatinous mess..couldn’t get all the liquid to drain and thus has sloppy potatoes with chunks…kept mashing and ended up adding some instant to absorb some of the water..okay, to eat but won’t be pulling those out for thanksgiving..guess, I do well enough just doing it at the time..ditto for the bread stuffing..it is okay..but nothing to write home about..and will be used for a weeknight meal inclusion..but will remake some of our regular stuff for turkey day…

    but thanks so much for your work..I’m not trying to critique too closely..just mention whatever I found after running through the list..and my freezer and mental health is happier for it..I’ve been working full time/plenty of overtime for the first time in a long while..husband out of work for 10 months..so just having the knowledge that any of us can grab and have a meal on the table in a short while is such a blessing..

  23. I keep forgetting to thank you ladies for the link. So thanks!

    I hope you Halloween was fun and candy-filled!

  24. Sara says:

    Pumpkin ravioli (we used tortellini as the original Rachel Ray recipe states) didn’t turn out well at all, basically a clump/brick rather than saucy pasta and the pasta wasn’t “done” I believe that the pasta really needs to be cooked first before assembling (it is in the original recipe) – there wasn’t enough sauce for it to cook in otherwise. Not sure if it was just me or if anyone else is having the same problem…

    I thought the pumpkin cheeseball could have done without the pineapple. We have enjoyed the pumpkin pie, coffee cake, waffles, scalloped corn and broccoli rice casseroles so far.

    I’m looking forward to cooking the November menu!

  25. Kari says:

    I might have missed it, but I’m wondering about the cheese balls…can those be made ahead and frozen or just part of them? The recipe didn’t say anything about freezing. I’m not sure how to freeze recipes when they don’t tell you how! :) I’ve done freezer meals before, just from recipes. Thanks for the help! :) New here to your site, but plan to do some of your recipes. Thanks!

  26. Cindy says:

    I am not having any luck finding the Gruyere cheese for the baguette casserole recipe. Is this a specialty cheese?

  27. Cindy says:

    Is the scalloped corn recipe cooked uncovered or covered?

    • Cindy says:

      I believe I answered my own question. I tried cooking it for an hour covered and it was still full of water and mush. I now uncovered it for 30 minutes in the oven and it browned and solidified. Looks great!

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