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Once A Month Mom Test Kitchens Needed – Last Half 2011

If you have ever followed even one menu on this blog you know that starting almost a year ago we started asking you, the readers, to be our test kitchens for our monthly menus. Our test kitchens help us work out the kinks, missing ingredients, and poor directions on our monthly menus. It is a glamour-free job as there is not even compensation for it. Then again, our menus are all FREE so there isn’t exactly a budget to draw from to compensate. Although I do hope that one day it can be.

We rely on the goodness of your skills and feedback to make each month’s menus a success. We are currently looking for test kitchens for the last half of the year (July-December 2011). If you are at all interested, please fill out this survey. Don’t worry, you get to indicated which menus you are interested in cooking and which times of the year you might be available. You also can decline if I email you to ask you for a month and something has come up. We understand, life happens.

In the past I have been short on Vegetarian and Gluten Free & Dairy Free kitchens so if you fall in those categories, we would love for you to volunteer.

Also, if you have filled out the survey before you will need to do it AGAIN! We need an update on end of the year availability. Thank you in advance and we look forward to working with many of you this coming year.

More details about this opportunity can be found HERE.

One Response to “Once A Month Mom Test Kitchens Needed – Last Half 2011”

  1. Amanda says:

    I can test kitchen for vegetarian and vegan diets

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