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Recent Posts from Once A Month Meals

Baby/Toddler Early Start (4-6 Months)

Does your little one seem ready to venture into the world of solids? For our early starters in the 4 – 6 month range we’ll take a look at a few reasons you may want to introduce some basic foods now and a menu of some super simple purees to try.

Squash & Chicken Soup

Tender chicken adds a lovely toothsomeness to our low calorie Squash & Chicken Soup while apple and onion provide a sweet earthiness to round out this fall dish.

Pick Your Own Prize Giveaway!

Have we got an amazing giveaway for you today! This is a “Pick your Own Prize” kinda giveaway. It is similar to the “choose your own adventure” books we read as kids! Oops I am dating myself now! But those books were so fun – just like this giveaway! We have three incredible options for your to choose if you win!

Spicy Beef & Broccoli

Marinated in a mixture of coconut aminos and pineapple juice this Spicy Beef & Broccoli boasts tender strips of flank steak and flavorful veggies finished with a dash of red pepper.