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Paleo April 2014 Menu


Want access to recipe cards, grocery lists, step-by-step cooking day instructions and labels complete with freezing directions and customizable serving sizes? Want to swap out recipes in this menu? Already a member? Sign in!

For a detailed explanation of why we arrived at this menu please see our post explaining what we mean. If you are new and not sure how to get started we have a wonderful series starting with 5 easy steps to get you on your way to once a month cooking. Good luck! If you like this menu you might want to check out all our past Paleo menus or in-season menus such as April 2013′s menu if you are looking for something different!

The links below are just so you can see which recipes are included in this month's menu. WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU! To see freezer instructions and adapt recipes to your family size see the DOCUMENTS below.


Frozen Paleo Breakfast Muffins

Frozen Paleo Breakfast Muffins



Slow Cooker Turkey Vegetable Soup

Slow Cooker Turkey Vegetable Soup


**Indicates meals that require NO COOKING on your OAMC BIG DAY aka “throw and go” meals, perfect for the family who needs to adjust to just do the quick meals!

Document Update

As you can see we have a NEW way of getting and printing your monthly menu documents. As part of that change, we have also changed the type/size of labels we use. The above labels will print four to a page and line up with Avery 8168/5168 labels or equivalent.

Pinterest:Paleo April Menu via Pinterest

Are you a person that likes to see the menus visually? Perhaps you should check out the April 2014 Paleo Menu via Pinterest to see the yummy goodness you will be cooking up on this menu. Not sure what Pinterest is all about, check out what Once A Month Meals has to say about it.

Test Cooks

Each month we have some wonderful volunteers who “test” out the menu prior to publication. They do an amazing job of helping to eliminate confusion and mistakes. They may not catch everything but they sure do catch A LOT! If you are interested in test cook, feel free to volunteer. Here is a little bit about this month’s test cooks:

  • Candice Storm –  My name is Candice Storm. I work full time, with a long commute, have a hard working husband and two busy boys. With all the work, sports, and other activities, we really appreciate OAMM for their ability to help me feed my family quickly with our busy schedule and still eat well.

Get Started

Are you new to Once A Month Meals or once a month cooking (oamc) in general? If so, you might want to spend a few minutes (or hours) on the Get Started Series. If you are in a real hurry to catch on we have written some simple steps for getting started. Welcome!

20 Responses to “Paleo April 2014 Menu”

  1. Jaime says:

    Thanks for including my recipe for pork chops with pear shallot sauce. It is one of my personal favorites!

  2. jpaviles says:

    Love the menu this month! Only swapped out the chili for a different one. Question: The smallest container I can find for tomato juice is 64 oz. The one recipe only needs 1.5 cups. What can I do with the rest of the can? That’s a lot of tomato juice to waste. I don’t like it enough to drink it. thanks for all your work!

    • Lisa says:

      I have ran into that same issue before as well. I measure out a cup into a pint freezer bag, label and freeze for the next time I need tomato juice in a recipe.

    • Erin Hatfield says:

      I found a 12 oz can near the V8 in my grocery store… worked perfectly! I also saw diced tomatoes in tomato juice. Kills two birds with one stone!

  3. Erin Hatfield says:

    I think I keep buying the wrong Chorizo. I get the Mexican kind that is more like a breakfast sausage and very crumbly. There is also a salami like Spanish Chorizo. Which one do you use most often??

    • Lisa says:

      Erin – There are 2 different kinds of chorizo, and in this menu it should be the chorizo in the casing – like salami. Thank you for bringing this to light, as we are adjusting our ingredients so that it will be noted as to which kind.

  4. jpaviles says:

    Today is cooking day and I made it through 6 recipes! What was the consistency supposed to be for the grain free baked oatmeal? most baked oatmeal is solid but this was mushy.

    • Katie says:

      Thanks for the heads up Pam. Reading through the recipe carefully, I see why it was mushy and probably should be. But that does make it challenging to cut into servings and freeze so I’m going to update to cooking in muffin tins so it can be frozen that way.

  5. Sara Lake says:

    Thanks for linking up my Coconut Crusted Chicken with Avocado Sauce recipe. I make it regularly and it’s a hit with paleo and non-paleo eaters. Always the challenge… fool them with secret paleo stuff. X

  6. MegLorenzini says:

    This is my first time using this site. When I printed the menu it said I need 36 bunches of leaf lettuce. I couldn’t find a recipe including lettuce at all and was just wondering if I misread or it was placed on there by accident or if I really need all that!

    • Katie says:

      Hi Meg! You need the leaf lettuce for the Paleo Fajitas. You should see that you need 3 per serving (really 6 since you are doubling it). So if you are cooking for 4 people, you will need 24 each of leaf lettuce. It does read funny though on bunches so I will correct that. Hopefully that helps!

  7. Andi says:

    I’m confused as to why we are supposed to brown the beef but not the pork for the shepards pie muffins

    • Katie says:

      Hi Andi, you shouldn’t be browning the beef for the shepherd’s muffins. I just checked the recipe card and it has uncooked ground beef on it. If you see it designated as cooked somewhere else, please let me know so I can correct it.

  8. Andi says:

    On the prep day we are instructed to brown 2.76 lb of beef– if that’s not for the shepards pie then is it for the chile? The chile calls for 4 lbs. I am confused, thanks in advance :)

  9. The3Pears says:

    I just signed up today. The link to the Paleo Breakfast Bites is broken, it gives an error when you click on it. Do you have that one available in any other form? Or maybe saved somewhere?

    • Katie says:

      Hi Tina, the recipe will still be in the recipe cards in our system if you are a member. If you have trouble finding it, you can email us at info at onceamonthmeals.com and we can help!

  10. Georgene says:

    Hi! You have a link that has been compromised. It’s for the Paleo Breakfast Bites. Would you mind letting me know when you fix the link because I would love to see the recipe. Thank you so much.

    • Katie says:

      Oh my goodness Georgene! Thanks for the heads up. It looks like that site has been compromised so I don’t actually have the link to the recipe anymore. If you are a member, you should be able to see the recipe inside the menu documents.

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