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Peak Produce Picks – Spring

Peak Produce Picks - spring

If you like to plan your meals by the availability of seasonal produce, then our new quarterly post on Peak Produce Picks is for you! Eating seasonally ensures that produce is fresh, flavorful, and nutrient dense. It also ensures the lowest price as seasonal produce is more abundant and typically has a shorter trip from the farm to your table. Many have found the value of supporting local farmers through CSA, farmer’s markets, and you-pick farms and may be looking for recipes match the produce they have received. Even if you haven’t paid much attention to seasons before, you probably feel yourself drawn to different types of foods during different seasons, so give it a try!

In many parts of the country, winter has been long and harsh this year. The chill is lingering, and it may be a few more weeks until you start seeing these picks locally, but hang in there! All of these cool weather produce picks are light, fresh tasting, and detoxifying after the sugar-laden winter months. Some are popular like strawberries, but others are held at arms length, such as beets and asparagus. Go ahead and try something new this spring!  Plus, all of these recipes are in MenuBuilder, ready for you to swap and make your own custom menu with your favorites.

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Asparagus & Bacon Quiche

Asparagus & Bacon Quiche

Spinach (try substituting other seasonal greens like chard or collards)



Edible Pod PeasLemongrass Coconut Chicken

Odds and Ends (Rhubarb, Beets, Artichoke, Cabbage)

What is your favorite Spring produce?  We’d love to hear ideas on how you incorporate seasonal produce in your meal planning.  Still not a member?  Find out how OAMM can help you get to the table more often and save you money in the process here.

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