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Poll: How Do You Want the Holiday Menus?

I have been thinking ahead these days, woot, woot! Which means that I am already thinking ahead to the Thanksgiving and Christmas menus. I know, I know, you haven’t even wrapped your head around the fact that it is time to get ready for Back-T0-School. Sorry.

However, I DESPERATELY need to know how you want to receive the menus for the fall. Last year, in October I did a special menu that included breakfasts, lunches and dinners but also included some side dishes and desserts that you could utilize for Thanksgiving. And in November I did the same thing for Christmas dinner recipes.

What I need to know is did you like that format and want me to continue with it? Or would you like me to do a normal October and November menu, like every other month of the year, but provide an eBook for doing Thanksgiving and/or Christmas meals? I will warn you that an eBook would be a charge associated with a holiday ebook but it wouldn’t be substantial.

Okay, time to vote. Please, please, please don’t pass up voting on this one! If you are reading this in email or a reader, please click over t0 the site and vote in the right side bar. Pretty please!

4 Responses to “Poll: How Do You Want the Holiday Menus?”

  1. Camille says:

    I love that you are thinking ahead and this post really makes me excited for the holidays! :-) I just sat down to plan a big cooking day for next week when I will have some time to myself. It’ll be the first in many months and I’m ready to get back to it!

  2. I love that you’re planning ahead too. I’m like that. Although, me personally, I don’t do holiday dinners. So I don’t need anything special. I would love to see an e-book though! Thanks!!

  3. Tami says:

    I gotta say its nice to have the “normal” menus even through the October and November months when I’m still pretty much working every day. The December menu is nice to have more side dishes! Just a thought:) Thanks for ALL you do!

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