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Riding in Style {Acura MDX Review}

When my friend Ricki shared with excited exuberance that she wanted to attend Blissdom this year for the first time I knew I was going to have to commit to a fourth year. I didn’t want Ricki going to have all the fun without me. And I KNEW she would have fun, aside from the fact that she was going to an awesome conference, but also because she IS Family Fun Mom. It isn’t just her blog name either. :)

So we rallied the troops (Amy & Debbie)  and came up with a game plan for a wonderfully long weekend girls getaway to attend Blissdom. There was just one problem. (Well, one of the first world problem variety). The only transportation we had available were a couple of 10 year old sedans and some mini-vans. Nothing says girl’s weekend away like rolling up in an Odyssey, right? :)

So I contacted the powers that be (the ones that send me SWEET cars to review) and told them about our upcoming adventure and our “need” to arrive in style. Girl style. And oh my, they DID NOT disappoint. They sent over an 2012 Acura MDX. I was just excited looking at the specs, little did I know that my mind (and my tush), were going to be blown away in style all the way to Nashville!

In my 36 years of life I have never been in a vehicle as classy as this one. It had those fancy features that remember your seat settings, had a drivers and passenger seat that warmed or cooled, and drove like a dream. And really, “like a dream”, is a bit of an understatement. I kept saying “it drove like butter” which really doesn’t make sense if you aren’t a cook, right? I really just meant that the ride was as smooth as butter. I could have driven days in this vehicle. (And I thought about it so I wouldn’t have to return it).

We had 4 women’s luggage for an entire weekend away and I was a tad concerned about the space. I shouldn’t have been. We easily got our goods in on the way down and I had plenty of room to see out the back window. Sweet.

There was also a third row seat. We clearly had to put it down for our trip to the conference but were able to get some use out of it when we decided to leave the Gaylord Opryland Hotel for dinner one evening. We made two new friends and invited them along! Sweet, our SUV just came in real handy! We didn’t have to take two vehicles. Those riding in the third row seat did mention that there wasn’t much leg room but that for shorter trips it would definitely be just fine.

I was also absolutely floored when I went to use the cruise control. Have you ever been in a vehicle that has automatic cruise control? When turned on, if you get too close to a vehicle in front of you (cleared assured distance) the car SLOWS DOWN on it’s own! When you pass them or get to a clearing (they move over) the vehicle goes back to the set speed. Crazy! It was as if the MDX was driving itself. Love. Absolutely in love.

The real challenge for this vehicle was clearly going to be the return trip. To explain, when our bellman came to the room to pick up our stuff with TWO luggage carts his first question to us was, “How many vehicles did you bring?” Oh how we laughed. And laughed. And laughed. When we told him one but it was an SUV he seemed only mildly relieved. It didn’t take too much longer for him to inquire as to which type of SUV it was. :)

Thank goodness the valet helping us to pack the trunk had more confidence. And as you can see, we got it all in! And it is a good thing because I was clearly ready to leave Amy behind and not my large stash of GoGoSqueeze. :0

We drove home in luxury again. Like princess’ returning from the ball. But not the princess’ whose pumpkin expired.

I got to drive it around a few more days with the kids and try out some other features of the vehicle as well. Here are some of my other favorite features:

Key Features I Loved:

  • Seat/Driver memorization
  • Heating AND cooling in the seat – that took 30 seconds to change mind you.
  • There were “blind spot” lights near the mirrors that came on when there was someone in a blind spot. It was so cool! I loved that safety feature!
  • The automatic cruise control.
  • Speed-sensing, variable intermittent windshield wipers.
  • Automatic day/night rearview mirror with rearview camera display
  • The cool “secret” compartment in the floor/dash area on the passenger side.
  • The third row seat option.
  • The remote opened trunk.
  • The entertainment system for the kids.
  • The navigation.

Features I felt it was lacking:

  • More drink holders for the driver. I know I have an obscene obsession with cup holders but it needed to be said!

Really, the car was a dream for any driver. There isn’t too much I would even dare change about this amazing vehicle. Thank you so much to Acura for sending us to Blissdom in style. The whole conference was an amazing experience made better by traveling with three of my favorite moms.

Disclosure: Acura provided me with this vehicle to review for a week. I was not compensated for this review. All the opinions in this post are mine, want to know more about how I facilitate reviews, view my full disclosure policy!


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  1. You are so sweet! Thanks for the kind words, AND for getting us such a SAWEEEET ride to Blissdom! I felt like I was a celebrity or something riding around in such a nice car. My 13 year old Pontiac Montana is jealous now :)

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