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Sliced & Diced: Lemons

Sliced & Diced from Once A Month Meals Lemons. A beautiful fruit. So tart but oh so refreshing. We use them periodically in our once a month cooking days. If I don’t have fresh on hand I usually settled for bottled lemon juice as it is usually the juice we are after. But there really is nothing like fresh squeezed lemon juice! It is so refreshing. Oh. Wait. I said that already!

At any rate, we will be using lemons in our upcoming cooking days so I wanted to take an opportunity while they were plentiful, and of varying sizes at the grocer, to do this weeks Sliced & Diced on them.

Here are my results:

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  1. Dorothy says:

    I just realized you have tons of Pampered Chef products. I recognize that juicer because I have it too. It is definitely effective and pressing lemons and limes. I’m always amazed at how much juice I get!

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