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Sliced & Diced: Raspberries

Raspberries are my go to fruit. They are my substitute for my strawberry allergy. Does a recipe call for strawberries? I use raspberries instead in most cases. I love them. So do my kids. Of course I could do without the seeds stuck in my teeth but that pretty much goes without mentioning, right?

Sliced & Diced from Once A Month Meals We do occasionally use them in our OAMM cooking so I thought it best to do a Sliced & Diced on them. And if you hadn’t noticed in the grocery store the “pint” size containers for raspberries are actually 6 oz, not the standard 8 oz. And you should note that most fruits come in 16 oz packages, not raspberries, they come in 12 oz. Those little boogers are cheap! :)

Here are my measuring results:

Recipes Using Raspberries:

Your Recipes Using Raspberries:

When participating please consider following these guidelines. Thank you! And start preparing for next week’s Sliced & Diced. . .tomatillos.

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