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Sliced & Diced: Sausage

Sliced & Diced from Once A Month Meals You may have noticed there was quite a bit of sausage on the September 2010 menu. It just seems like such a “fall” type food to me. And the more I taste of it and explore, the more I like it. Not sure it is great for my heart to eat in large quantities but it sure is tasty.

Honestly, we have eaten more of it now that I am married then before. My husband likes sausage in just about any way it comes. Perhaps it is the fact that it is a close kin to bacon that makes him love it so, who knows?

No matter what, when it is on a once a month menu in large quantities it is helpful to know the equivalents and yields for cooked and uncooked amounts. Here is what my research yielded:

Recipes Using Sausage:

Your Recipes Using Sausage:


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  1. Rebecca Haughn says:

    Hi there, sausage is not such a bad thing to eat if it has some herbs and pepper etc. Also if you eat it with taters with onions it helps your body to move along the fat included. Fall indeed is a good time to eat sausage.

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