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The All New Mitsubishi Outlander – 2014 Edition

It has been awhile since I talked about vehicles around these parts. Yes, I know this is a cooking blog and you mostly come here for recipes and menus but my guess is you have to drive SOMETHING to get to the store to purchase all those groceries. And when you are cooking a month of meals at one time you surely need a big enough vehicle to handle them adequately.

Before we decided it was time to move to a mini-van we absolutely loved our Mitsubishi Outlander. It was the perfect vehicle for us during those young baby years. I was able to get a TON of groceries in the back and the drop down hitch on the back not only kept groceries from pouring out when I lifted the hatch but it also served as a frequently needed diaper changing station. ;)

Turns out the all new 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander that was just revealed does away with that drop down panel but for good reason. . .more room! In fact, when I saw the pictures for this vehicle it reminded me of my mini-van, but as an SUV. If you ask me, this would have been a great transitional vehicle for my husband when he wasn’t so excited about being a mini-van dad.

And one of my favorite features ever on a car has been added to this vehicle as well, Adaptive Cruise Control! Have you ever driven a vehicle with that feature? It is amazing.

And as a mom, some of my biggest questions revolve around safety. Safety was also a paramount part of the 2014 Outlander design process. The new vehicle includes advanced to features keep the entire family safe and sound, such as:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – a radar-based sensor in the vehicle’s front grille constantly measures distance between the Outlander and the vehicle in front of it, allowing the driver to select three different following distance settings.
  • Forward Collision Mitigation – a radar-based system that detects obstructions in front of the Outlander and automatically warns and then applies the brakes to help minimize a collision with the vehicle in front.
  • Lane Departure Warning – a camera-based system that helps to monitor lane position of the Outlander and warn the driver via visual and audio warnings should they begin to veer into the next lane.

Do you own or have you ever owned a Mitsubishi Outlander? Do you hope one is in your grocery shopping future?

Disclosure: Mitsubishi compensated me for my time. All the opinions in this post are mine, want to know more about how I facilitate reviews, view my full disclosure policy!

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  1. Ashley says:

    My boyfriend owns a 2012 Mitsubishi outlander sport and we love it! Mitsubishis are the only cars we drive (we’ve owned 11 cumulatively) and the sport is the perfect family cuv. His is a manual, so it gets great gas mileage and its roomy enough to haul furniture as well as 2 kids. I’m so glad that Mitsubishi is feeling the love from someone else because they get very little credit from most blogs. Thanks for supporting the triple diamond!

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