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The NEW, Improved Create Your Own Menu Series


Back in the early days of Once A Month Meals (back when our name ended in “Mom” and there really was only one mom because Tricia had yet to build a team of writers), Tricia introduced a series on how to Create Your Own Menu. This was actually one of the first resources that I used when I discovered OAMM as a new mom, so it is near and dear to my heart (and my tummy). But a lot has changed around here since then – A LOT – not just our name!

Now we have EIGHT menus from which to choose instead of just one. We have different levels of OAMM Membership. We have Menu Builder, which provides us with more accurate (and prettier) documents and Swappable. So we thought it was high time to revamp the create your own menu series to incorporate some of the new resources you have available to you. With this series we hope to show you how you can modify existing OAMM menus to your specific tastes and needs (i.e. you don’t eat pork or you want to have no breakfasts or all breakfasts, etc.) or how you can work from scratch to create a menu from family favorites, your favorite cookbook, or your on going list of recipes to try on Pinterest.

Today we invite you to our world of menu creation. Even if you decide creating your own isn’t for you, we hope this series will give you some perspective on freezer cooking and help you understand a little better the logic of how the OAMM team goes about creating these menus each month. We will also be including tips about the easy route to custom menus: Swappable! So join us in the first step of the journey, or what I like to call the Initial Planning phase.

Initial Planning

Coming up next:

Recipe Selection

  • Part 3 – Plan Recipe Types
  • Part 4 – Find Specific Recipes
  • Part 5 – Choose Your Menu

Recipe Preparation

  • Part 6 – Evaluate Quantity
  • Part 7 – Consider Substitutions and Equivalents

Document Creation

  • Part 8 – Create Grocery List
  • Part 9 – Create Instructions
  • Part 10 – Create Labels

Have you ever created your own menu from scratch or using Menu Builder? Tell us about it!

3 Responses to “The NEW, Improved Create Your Own Menu Series”

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for updating this guys- super excited.

  2. Lisa says:

    Are you planning to update the whole series, or should I just use the older one? There haven’t been any updates since March. Thanks.

    • Lisa says:

      Lisa – We do plan on finishing the series – just not as quickly as we first had anticipated. If you are in the middle – I suggest going back and using the older one.

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