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Things I Love Thursday: Kolcraft Double Stroller

Disclosure: Kolcraft provided me with a Universal Express Rider to review. All the opinions in this post are mine. As mentioned below, I am the one that contacted them! See my full disclosure policy if you are further interested.

You might recall that during Blissdom those of us with babies had the opportunity to use strollers that were provided by manufacturers to assist us in lugging our little ones around the conference facility. During the conference one of the strollers that I was able to use was a Kolcraft stroller.

I was kind of sad that I didn’t win one but knew that the strollers from the conference were better suited for others as I was in desperate need of a double stroller, not a single unit. So, I did the next best thing and contacted Kolcraft when I returned to see about doing a review of one of their double strollers. It turns out that the Contours Options Tandem is a hot double stroller option and there is a waiting list for that beauty.

I wasn’t in a position to wait and I thought that the Universal Express Rider was more our style, our price point range had we been buying one and an overall good fit for our family. So that is what we reviewed! And may I state that I have NOT been disappointed.

We started trying it out on walks around the neighborhood and to the park. We extended our use to the mall and other shopping excursions. Then we moved into trips to the pool.  And now, we pretty much don’t leave home without it!

With 2 kids under the age of two, rounding them up and keeping them under wraps is quite the ordeal. I often use the baby carriers where I can but there are some situations that is just not possible. But what you really want to hear is why I like (and a few features I wish were better) for this piece of equipment!


  • I can push both kids at the same time without much difficulty.
  • It is easy to fold up and to unfold.
  • That the front food tray comes off for Isaac to feel “bigger” than Tessa (at least when he doesn’t need to eat).
  • That the diaper bag actually fits in the under basket. (That is a huge problem in my other stroller.)
  • Cup holders for both of the children.
  • Price

Needs Improvement:

  • There is no cup holder for me! I can buy one to attach to it but that seems like it should be standard for every stroller model. I don’t drink coffee but I am usually consuming some sort of beverage.
  • The awning over the latter seat doesn’t rotate around. It is stationary. I wish it rotated because sometimes the sun shines in the babies eyes. I get around this by throwing a towel between the two awnings which works though.

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  1. I think we have an older version of this, same brand though. Mine doesn’t have enough space under for the diaper bag and no cup holder either.

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