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Think Ahead Thursday: End of Summer/Labor Day

used with permission, Flickr Creative Commons, photo by stevendepolo

used with permission, Flickr Creative Commons, photo by stevendepolo

I know we had a back-to-school addition a few weeks ago but not all of us have school age children. It is hard for me to believe that the hallmark “close of summer event”, Labor Day, is just around the corner. How did that happen? It just feels like it got warm enough to be summer. I don’t mind fall but I do love some summer.

Before my current state (pregnant in summer again), we I have rule that we must go to Cedar Point at least once. (If you live in Ohio and have never been, shame on you!) It was a family tradition on my mother’s side for so many years and I just fell in love with the place. I couldn’t go last year because I was very pregnant and due in August. My one request was that we go to Cedar Point before I got pregnant again, but accidents happen. I WILL NOT be pregnant next summer so I am already scheming up a trip. If you live in the area and haven’t been this summer, do me a favor and go for me.

At any rate, I was wondering what the rest of you do to celebrate the end of summer? Are there any things that are MUST DO’s before the summer comes to a close? Any pre-winter activities to plan for?

And what do you do for Labor Day? Just enjoy the day off? Celebrate? One last summer vacation? Feel free to share.

4 Responses to “Think Ahead Thursday: End of Summer/Labor Day”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    We live in West Virginia, right on the very tip where it meets up with Ohio and Kentucky. We usually go to Kinds Island in Cinncinati, but I’ve always wanted to check out Cedar Point. Everyone has been except me and they all love it. We like to go to Kinds Island ON Labor Day. My husband and I had our first date there and we go back every year. We like going on Labor day because its not very busy. Last Year we had rode every ride a couple of times by 2:00 p.m. and decided to go leave early, head home, have dinner on the road and get to bed at a decent hour. It’s always great.

  2. Betty says:

    I am from Morehead, KY and our family gets together there to cookout and go to the lake. Will probably smoke some ribs this year.

  3. We always go up to Banner Elk, NC (“the mountains”) in September. Either the first week or last. This year it’s the last. We go fishing, gem mining, nature walks, visit area towns. My parents go with us and it’s a very special family trip.

  4. Michelle says:

    We end the summer with a pig roast the weekend before Labor Day. This will be the 6th one and everyone has a great time! “Food, family, friends, and fun!”

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