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Ward off Holiday Weight With Skinny Mom’s Four Minute Wind-Up

I am sure that you have heard at least a half dozen statistics about inevitable holiday weight gain. Yes, it’s true. Most women do pack on a few holiday pounds. Holiday stress is high, parties and gatherings are full of sweet temptations, and shopping all day can leave you little options to make healthy choices, yet alone, any time for the gym.

You may be busy but you don’t have to be an example of a dooming statistic. Don’t wait until the new year to begin healthy habits and then work to lose additional holiday weight. Jumpstart your activity now and feel even more confident to face the new year feeling fabulous!

You are a busy mom. I get it. Me too! Well, now that your meals are planned thanks to Once A Month Mom – let’s focus on getting active among the holiday hustle.  You don’t need a gym, you don’t need a ton of equipment, and best of all – your kids can join you. Nothing makes me more proud than when my two-year-old, Easton does his version of push-ups alongside of me.

Not sure where to start? Here’s my four minute heart-pumping routine that I suggest for all moms looking to ease their way into home workouts.

The Four Minute Wind-Up: Give yourself four minutes when you first wake up (to increase the likelihood you follow through – sleep in your workout clothes!) and complete this mini-workout. Do each exercise for one minute without stopping and then immediately move to the second, third, and fourth for a total of four minutes. This will get your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of calories you can burn in just four minutes! As this gets easier and you are able to manage time more efficiently, repeat this sequence three to four times for a calorie-blasting workout that takes less than twenty minutes.

Brooke’s Favorite Four Minute Sequence - One minute each of the following: 1. Jump Squats 2. Burpees  3. Mountain Climbers 4.Russian Twists

For examples of each of these exercises, visit our video vault at: http://skinnymom.com/videos/

Stay tuned! Next week I will be offering a few more tips on staying active.

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Fitness expert, Brooke Griffin, is a former Fitness Universe Champion, fitness model, and the founder of SkinnyMom.com. Most importantly – she is mom to Easton Jack.

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  1. Susanna Stokman says:

    This looks great! But I can’t find examples of the exercises at the videos link? Should I type something different than the exercise name?

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