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Whole Foods September 2013 Menu

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First of all, this isn’t for the grocery store Whole Foods, it is a menu for those that want to spend more time making their meals from scratch. For a detailed explanation of what is involved in creating this menu we have a post welcoming you to this menu. If you are new and not sure how to get started we have a wonderful series starting with 5 easy steps to get you on your way to once a month cooking. Good luck!

Is your family making the transition to whole foods in 2013? Or maybe you have set a New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier in 2013? Or perhaps you find yourself curious about the whole foods/real food lifestyle? Whatever the case may be, you should consider following last year’s year-long journey to help families transition to real food if they so desire through Get Real 2012!

If you like this menu you might want to check out all our past Whole Foods menus or in-season menus – September 2011’s or September 2012’s menus if you are looking for something different!

The links below are just so you can see which recipes are included in this month's menu. WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU! To see freezer instructions and adapt recipes to your family size see the DOCUMENTS below.




Add Ons

**Indicates meals that require NO COOKING on your OAMC BIG DAY aka “throw and go” meals, perfect for the family who needs to adjust to just do the quick meals!

Update: This menu is now available in Menu Builder in addition to the Google Docs below!  As you can see we have a NEW way of getting and printing your monthly menu documents.  As part of that change, we have also changed the type/size of labels we use. The below labels in Menu Builder will print four to a page and line up with Avery 8168/5168 labels or equivalent.

Recipe Cards

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Grocery List

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Are you a person that likes to see the menus visually? Perhaps you should check out the September 2013 Whole Foods Menu via Pinterest to see the yummy goodness you will be cooking up on this menu. Not sure what Pinterest is all about, check out what Once A Month Mom has to say about it.

Test Cooks

Each month we have some wonderful volunteers who “test” out the menu prior to publication. They do an amazing job of helping to eliminate confusion and mistakes. They may not catch everything but they sure do catch A LOT! If you are interested in test cook, feel free to volunteer.

Get Started

Are you new to Once A Month Mom or once a month cooking (oamc) in general? If so, you might want to spend a few minutes (or hours) on the Get Started Series. If you are in a real hurry to catch on we have written some simple steps for getting started. Welcome!

28 Responses to “Whole Foods September 2013 Menu”

  1. Melanie says:

    My whole foods recipe cards & shopping lists, et al say I need to Become a Member to access but then say I am logged in… ??? help- this worked last week!

    • Kelly says:

      Melanie, I see you as an active member. Can you email me at kelly at onceamonthmeals.com with some screen shots of what you are seeing? My suggestion too would be to try and delete the cookies in your web browser and try logging in again.

    • Kelly says:

      Melanie, please try logging in again and seeing if it works for you. I believe I found the problem and fixed it.

  2. Amy Mayhew says:

    Mine says the same thing. I logged in and it says I’m not a member, however when I clicked on cancel my membership, it says I’m a founding member and am still a member.

    • Kelly says:

      Please email me at kelly at onceamonthmeals.com I need to see what you are seeing so I can try to help you please.

    • Kelly says:

      Amy, please try logging in again and seeing if it works for you. I believe I found the problem and fixed it.

      • CARLY says:

        I also am unable to access the September menu. Thank you so much for looking into this

        • Kelly says:

          Carly I do not see any errors on my side that would be causing you an error. Can you please send me some screen shots of what you are seeing at kelly at onceamonthmeals.com?

  3. Jen Campbell says:

    I have been a member for some time and am now finally ready to do my first full month of cooking, but when I open the Whole Foods grocery list in Google Docs, it will not allow me to “make a copy” so that I can change the serving size. Also, when I click the Whole Foods recipe card link it takes me to this page https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AszNFNl3qFn2dEZkNGpUT0pPeGhrZ1h3b09PNE9aNEE. I double checked that I am signed into Google Docs…please help!

  4. Jen Campbell says:

    Nevermind my previous post, it was my computer! Sorry!

  5. Margaret says:

    Hi, I just signed up for a new membership and am having the same problem. I was able to get to the recipes, but not the grocery list, instructions, etc.

  6. Breanne says:

    I am in the process of preparing September’s Whole Foods menu and I would like to add a few suggestions to be corrected if anyone finds this invalid. For the artisan bread recipe it says add 1.5 Tablespoons Kosher salt to the warm water and yeast. There are two issues with this.
    1. In all my years of baking (15) I have always been told to NEVER add salt directly to the yeast and water because it kills the yeast. I added the salt to the dry ingredients and then after dissolving the yeast in water I added it to the flour. So, consequently if you find your bread not rising or if you don’t have beautiful large irregular holes after baking this may be the problem.
    2. The 1.5 tablespoons of salt is too much. The dough was way too salty and I know I wouldn’t enjoy it nor would my family. I disposed of the first batch when I remembered that Kosher Salt is far more course than table salt and added only 1 Tbsp of table salt. The dough now tastes fine and has already risen to double in size in under an hour. So if you are using table salt instead of Kosher keep this tip in mind! (Sometimes I forget the little details)
    Next is the pizza recipe. For my family of four we tend to eat at least 2 pizzas when I make them from scratch for dinner. I make pizza this way at least once a week and noticed the dough that was made from the recipe was only enough to feed my family one meal. I simply doubled the recipe. We love Pizza and I aim to please.
    Hope this helps! Happy Cooking!

  7. Alexandra Miller says:

    On the Tomato Basil Chicken recipe, I don’t think I can bring myself to discard 6 cups of tomatoes! Does anyone have any suggestions about how to serve this without tossing out the marinade? Would it work to reduce on the stove and put over rice or something?

    • Kelly says:

      Instead of grilling you could place it all into a baking dish and then bake at 375 for about 30-45 min and serve with the tomatoes :)

  8. Ashley says:

    I am new to OAMM and this menu was my first attempt. I managed to make all the recipes except for the White Pizza Lasagna. I gave up on that recipe after two failed attempts at making the cheese sauce. I absolutely could not get it to thicken up, despite following directions to the letter and trying it twice! In the second batch, I even added cornstarch to try and get it to thicken and it did not. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Is there a trick I need to know? :-)

    • Kelly says:

      It isn’t supposed to be that thick. It is only 1 Tbsp. flour to 2.5 cups milk. Once you add the cheese and bake it, the sauce will probably be thicker. One thing to try, let the flour and butter bubble together a little longer before adding the milk, and make sure to add the milk slowly

  9. Paige says:

    This is my second month cooking with OAMM, and am loving it! However, I noticed two critical calculation errors in this menu: First, the pizza dough recipe did not double correctly. It was only enough to make half of what I needed to feed my family for 2 meals. Second, the pizza recipe itself was double what it should have been! So to give you some hard numbers: the pizza dough recipe gave us enough for 2 pizzas, while the pizza recipe asked us to make 8 pizzas. We are a family of 4, and if the pizzas feed 2 people each… you get the idea. This caused us a lot of trouble and my husband had to run out and buy premade crusts just so we could finish, and we spent much more on cheese than we needed to due to the pizza recipe being inflated. Hopefully you can fix that for anyone else using this!

  10. Hope says:

    I am also having the same problem as others. The recipe cards are not clickable. I’ve tried logging out and then back in but I can’t get to any of the lists or cards.

    • Kelly says:

      Hello! Can you please email me at info at onceamonthmeals.com It appears to me you have signed up for an account but have not gone through the payment process. I want to get you started right away and help get this figured out! ~Kelly

  11. Leslianne says:

    what do we need 6 pints of grape tomatoes halved for????

    • Katie says:

      Hi Leslianne, just a tip- you can always search the document using “Find and replace” if you have trouble finding something. The grape tomatoes are used in the White Pizza Lasagna and Tomato Beef Pizza.

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