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Do you have 15 or more recipes that you feel would be great for freezer cooks? Is your audience wanting your recipes adapted for freezer cooking? Would you like your recipes discovered by thousands of freezer cooks worldwide?

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Becoming a Once A Month Meals Recipe Affiliate is simple and easy to do, just ask these folks about their experience!

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About Once A Month Meals

Once a Month Meals gives you everything you need to shop, prep and cook the bulk of your monthly meals in just one day—and freeze those meals for when you want to eat them. We offer lots of menu types based on your personal preferences and dietary restrictions. We even have customized meal planning tools to help you stay organized and create a freezer full of meals for a whole month!

Everything we do here is built on three key pillars:

  • Convenience – We value your time and what it means to you and your family. Freezer cooking allows you to prep your meals once a month so that you can enjoy the people you love, live your passions, and make space to rest.
  • Wellness – We know that you want to nourish your body and make healthy choices for you and your family. Custom menus, specialty menus, focusing on seasonal produce are all examples of ways we want to help you in your wellness journey.
  • Community – We do all we can to make freezer cooking easy, but we know it still requires support. The best way to meet our goals for a thriving life is together!

If you are committed to sharing convenience and wellness with your community through freezer cooking, please join us!

Recipe Affiliate Benefits

When we add recipe affiliate recipes and photos to our Menu Builder database, we do so knowing that you have put your blood, sweat, and tears into them. We do so with a plan to provide you with something valuable in return. You will find the full details on the partnership terms in the contract when you click to apply. But we know that it can be rough reading through all of the legalese. So here is a laymen’s summary of the benefits offered to our partners.

  • Increased Traffic – Your recipes are given top priority on our featured menus. We share these on our site, but also promote them through our newsletter, on site messages, and our various social media outlets. We have over 300K Facebook followers.
  • Complimentary Membership – You have access to everything our members do! You can see how your recipes are used and make use of our freezer cooking resources. Every member also has access to our Community, where we encourage you to get involved and engage with those who are cooking your recipes!
  • Exclusive Affiliate Rates – If approved, we offer you a higher affiliate rate. (See our Affiliate Page for more details. But note that when you apply and sign the Recipe Affiliate contract on this page, it will include the affiliate contract. So no there is need to apply as an affiliate separately.)
    • $15 for every new monthly member
    • $40 for every new yearly member
    • Amounts apply only to the initial purchase, not any recurring purchases. For example, if someone signs up for a monthly membership (which is a recurring subscription) you receive $15 for the initial purchase but not $15/month for each subsequent month that they continue in membership.
  • Content Collaboration– We know it can be a constant struggle to come up with fresh, relevant content for your audience on a regular basis. We would love to work together with you to create resources on freezer cooking tailored to your particular audience (i.e. health and wellness, paleo, gluten free, real food, homeschoolers, crafts and DIY, frugal living and budgeting, etc.)
  • Cross Promotion – Our recipe affiliates are among the first to know about special opportunities to get involved in the Once a Month Meals Community!
    • Virtual Freezer Cooking Weekends on Social Media
    • Recipe Affiliate Spotlights and Guest Posts
    • Content promotion on Once a Month Meals social media outlets
    • Custom resources for your audience (We will partner with you to create these!)

How the Recipe Affiliate Program Works

  • Recipes – Your recipes will be adapted and tested for freezer cooking and listed in our Menu Builder database. Rewriting the directions could mean that we make the recipe our own (see recipe copyright law), but we don’t want to do that! We give full credit to you and direct users to your page if they wish to cook the recipe to serve instead of freezer cooking. Public visitors to our sight can only see the recipe (ingredients, instructions, etc) by following a link to your site. Paying Once a Month Meals members will be able to find your recipe in the database and use it to create custom menus but will still have to visit your site to make that recipe immediately.
  • Photos – By signing on as a recipe affiliate, you give us the right to use your original picture in our database along with the recipe. Recipes with pictures get the most attention from users when they are creating custom menus. We may have to resize your picture for displaying purposes as we don’t want them to be skewed by our site layout. But we will not remove any watermarks or edit them apart from cropping to resize.
  • Affiliate Program – You will notice that the recipe affiliate and affiliate contract are parts of the same document. We ask that all of our blog partners also join our affiliate program because we feel like this gives you the most benefit for your efforts. While we don’t require you to post a certain number of promotions or make a certain number of sales, we do ask that you promote the materials that we work together to create for your specific audience. We promise to work hard to promote you, and we simply ask that you return the favor and take the time to mention us. We’ll provide you with plenty of easy to share materials, so it won’t be labor intensive.

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Recipe Affiliate FAQ’s

If you still have questions after reading these we would love to chat with you! Please email us at blogpartners @ onceamonthmeals.com and we will be happy to answer your questions or set up a time to talk over the phone if that would be helpful to you.

Are there additional benefits for me when I give you permission to use my photographs?

YES! When one of your recipes is added to Menu Builder it becomes more useful and allows you to share it with a broader audience.

  • Freezer Friendly – We use our expertise to turn your recipes into freezable recipes. We do the work of rewriting the recipe, but now you can use it to draw in a new crowd – the freezer cooking crowd!
  • Adjustable Serving Sizes – Our system allows users to change the serving size needed for their family. This means that they can scale your recipe no matter how many servings it was originally written to serve.
  • Adjustable for International Measurements – We have US and metric measurements available on grocery lists and recipes. This allows people from around the world to discover your site and cook your recipes.
  • Custom Mini Menus – Once we have a number of your recipes in the system, we can pick the most popular and create a custom menu for you to share with your audience. The pictures make the menu a whole lot more appealing! (This is also a great opportunity for you to share your affiliate link and earn a monetary kickback.)

Why do you use other bloggers recipes and not just your own?

Simply put, we know we’re not the only great cooks out there. We want to be the desired resource for freezer cooking recipes and resources, but we also want to share with them tasty recipes from around the web. We want them to look in our database and see that we have adapted recipes from their favorite blogger for the freezer. And we want them to discover new recipe sites and cooking resources through us.

If I search for my recipe on Google will your listing come up before mine?

NO! We do not index the recipes on MenuBuilder with Google, meaning if someone searches the title of your recipe, they will not even see us listed in their search. We do NOT create a public URL for your recipe. Only members have access to view a recipe in MenuBuilder directly. When we promote and list your recipe on a featured menu, we send them to your site.

How is my recipe displayed? Do users even have incentive to come to my site?

  • Public – The only way that the public see your recipes is by going to your site. Each month when a menu debuts, we create a post that lists and links to the recipes that appear on that menu. Not only do we link to your site directly, but when your recipe is featured on a menu, it is promoted with a direct link through our social media outlets. We even have a special Recipe Affiliate Pinterest Board. And you have the opportunity to have your site and recipes spotlighted in the blog portion of our site as part of our Recipe Affiliate Series (formerly known as blog partners).
  • Once a Month Meals Members ONLY – Paying members will see your recipes listed on a menu, and can also print off the accompanying documents (grocery lists, prep lists, step-by-step directions, recipe cards, and labels) in US or metric measurements, for their desired number of servings for this menu. The card credits you as the author, lists a direct link to the recipe on your site, and indicates that if they want to just cook it to serve it, they need to view it on your site. Only the freezer cooking directions that we have written are listed on our recipe card for use in a larger cooking day.
  • Creation of Custom Menus in Menu Builder – Members may also choose to search for and add your recipe to a custom menu. They might swap your recipe in for one they don’t wish to cook (or one that doesn’t have a picture). When your readers come over to our site, they might search for your recipes specifically by name! A recipe with a photo is more likely to be kept on a menu or chosen for a custom menu than one without a photo. Here are examples of what the recipes look like when viewed by a member using Menu Builder:

Do people actually click over to other recipe sites you link to?

YES! In fact, many bloggers have written to thank us for bringing new life to older recipes. Having a recipe featured on a menu creates many click-thrus to your site and helps users discover older recipes that others may have forgotten. Many of our members have told us they have found great new recipe blogs through us!

Members pay for membership, so does that mean that they are paying for my recipe?

NO! Recipes on our site are always, always, always free. Members are paying to use of the Menu Builder software to create menus that include grocery lists, prep lists, step-by-step directions, recipe cards, and labels specifically for freezer cooking. The patent pending software was completely built by Once A Month Mom, LLC. Each recipe is manually entered line by line so that it functions properly in the system. The software then uses algorithms and formulas to create an easy to use grocery list, conversions lists for quantities of ingredients and preparation of those ingredients, and step-by-step instructions specifically designed for maximum efficiency in the freezer cooking kitchen. If the reader would like to do the work that the software does they absolutely could do that using the recipes that we suggest to them.

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