Giving Your Recipes Life For the Long Haul

We’ll Make Your Recipes Work For You So You Don’t Have to!


Are You Looking to Give Your Audience More?

  • Do you love on moms struggling to find time to make dinner?
  • Are you encouraging young families who have a million things going on?
  • Do you cater specifically to those with a specialty diet, or with severe food restrictions?
  • Are your followers motivated by better health and wellness techniques?
  • Do you give assistance to those trying to stick to a really tight budget?
  • Are you looking for ways to help your audience save time in their lives?

Use What You Have to Make More!

Share Your Tried-n-True Recipes

Give your recipes life for the long term by partnering with us to create freezer friendly versions and adding them into our meal plans!

Create New Opportunities for Your Audience

Share the freezer version of your recipes and specialized menus created for your audience to generate traffic and commissions for you!


Sit Back and Watch the Cash Flow In

Reveal your recipes and menus within our service and how it makes their life easier to create new customers for us, and commission for you!


What is Once A Month Meals?

Families really struggle to cook healthy food and eat meals together. Once A Month Meals provides a meal planning membership that teaches and provides resources and menus for families to freeze meals ahead of time so that they never have to plan daily meals ever again.

Why We Want You!

Our bread-and-butter is in building insanely simple, and time-saving meal plans and menus so that our paying members eat better, save time, save money, and stress less over daily meals. Because our specialty is in creating menus, we partner with and look for recipe bloggers and more from around the world to feature and promote their recipes on our menus, and within our one-of-a-kind freezer friendly recipe database!

We know the blood, sweat, and tears you have put into creating your recipes; therefore, we want to promote them for the long-term so they are constantly being used and made in real homes!


We Make The Process Easy

  1. Fill out the application to become a Recipe Affiliate!
  2. We will convert your recipes to make them freezer friendly!
  3. We will send the freezer version of your recipe out to be tested by our amazing test cooks.
  4. After your recipe is cleared by test cooks, we will publish your recipes to our database and include them in our new monthly menus!
  5. We will promote that menu and your recipe across all our platforms!

What We Do For You!

Push Our Members to Your Site

At the end of the day, we want you to see increased traffic. Your recipes are given top priority on our new menus created each month. We share these on our site, but also promote them through our newsletter, on-site messages, and all our social media outlets, linking to YOUR website, not ours.

Give You a FREE Freezer Meal Planning Membership

You have access to everything our members do! You can see how your recipes are used and make use of our one-of-a-kind freezer cooking resources, including a combined grocery shopping list, custom prep instructions, step-by-step cooking day instructions, individual recipe cards (with credit to your site!), printable labels, and a personal thaw sheet.

Receive Exclusive Affiliate Rates

If approved, we offer you a higher affiliate rate. $15 for every new monthly member. $40 for every new yearly member. *Amounts apply only to the initial purchase, not any recurring purchases. For example, if someone signs up for a monthly membership (which is a recurring subscription) you receive $15 for the initial purchase but not $15/month for each subsequent month that they continue in membership.

Collaborate with You Using Your Content

We know it can be a constant struggle to come up with fresh, relevant content for your audience on a regular basis. We would love to work together with you to create resources on freezer cooking tailored to your particular audience, no matter the subject matter!

Promote You Across Our Platforms and Yours!

Our recipe affiliates are among the first to know about special opportunities we have for increased promotion and exposure! We do this through LIVE freezer cooking sessions on social media, Recipe Affiliate spotlights and guest posts, content promotion on Once a Month Meals social media outlets, and even custom menus and meals for your audience (We will partner with you to create these!)


Sign Up to Join Us!

We Grow Better Together!

We promise to work hard to promote you! We simply ask that you return the favor and take the time to mention us! We promise to provide you with plenty of easy-to-share materials, so it won’t be labor intensive.

While we don’t require you to post a certain number of promotions or make a certain number of sales, we do ask that you promote the materials that we work together to create for your specific audience!

*You will find the full details on the partnership terms in the contract when you click to apply. You can see our Affiliate Page for more details. But note that when you apply and sign the Recipe Affiliate contract, it will include the Affiliate Contract because it gives you the most benefit for your efforts. Therefore, there is no need to apply as an Affiliate separately.


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