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Are you always telling others how great freezer cooking is? Would you like to earn extra money when you tell them about Once a Month Meals freezer cooking resources? Are you looking for a fundraiser that will save you time rather than take your time?

Then you are in the right place!

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About Once A Month Meals

Once a Month Meals gives you everything you need to shop, prep and cook the bulk of your monthly meals in just one day—and freeze those meals for when you want to eat them. We offer lots of menu types based on your personal preferences and dietary restrictions. We even have customized meal planning tools to help you stay organized and create a freezer full of meals for a whole month!

Everything we do here is built on three key pillars:

  • Convenience – We value your time and what it means to you and your family. Freezer cooking allows you to prep your meals once a month so that you can enjoy the people you love, live your passions, and make space to rest.
  • Wellness – We know that you want to nourish your body and make healthy choices for you and your family. Custom menus, specialty menus, focusing on seasonal produce are all examples of ways we want to help you in your wellness journey.
  • Community – We do all we can to make freezer cooking easy, but we know it still requires support. The best way to meet our goals for a thriving life is together!

If you are committed to sharing convenience and wellness with your community through freezer cooking, please join us!

Affiliate Benefits

We greatly value your efforts to share Once a Month Meals with your audience! You will find the full details on the affiliate terms in the contract when you click to sign up. But we know that it can be rough reading through all of the legalese. So here is a laymen’s summary of the benefits offered to our affiliates.

  • Earn when you share! When someone clicks your unique affiliate URL and makes a purchase, you will receive a credit for their purchase! If they don’t buy immediately, a cookie is dropped for the next 30 days. Meaning if they return within 30 days, you still get credit! So how much do you earn?
    • $10 for every new monthly member
    • $20 for every new yearly member
    • Amounts apply only to the initial purchase, not any recurring purchases. For example, if someone signs up for a monthly membership (which is a recurring subscription) you receive $10 for the initial purchase but not $10/month for each subsequent month that they continue in membership.
  • Complimentary Once a Month Meals Membership – You receive access to all member resources for at least three months so you can get to know your way around the site and share your freezer cooking experience with your readers (or friends, family, organization). If you are already a member, we will set your subscription to trailing for this period. Additionally, we audit these memberships on a quarterly basis. We will continue your free subscription as long as you remain an active affiliate (you make at least one sale per month).
  • Newsletter Updates – We will send you regular newsletter updates with the latest menus, recipes, and resources from Once a Month Meals, information on special promotions, and easy to swipe content for sharing in a blog post or on social media.
  • Opportunities for Cross Promotion – Our affiliates are among the first to know about special opportunities to get involved in the Once a Month Meals Community!
    • Virtual Freezer Cooking Weekends on Social Media
    • Affiliate Spotlights and Guest Posts
    • Content promotion on Once a Month Meals social media outlets
    • Custom resources for your audience (We will partner with you to create these!)
    • If you are a website and have 15 or more freezer friendly recipes, please apply for our Blog Partner Program! (Blog Partners receive exclusive affiliate rates.)

How the Affiliate Program Works

Again the full details are found in the contract (click “Become an Affiliate Today” below!), but we wanted to give you a clear summary of your responsibilities as an affiliate of Once a Month Meals.

  • Affiliate URL – Shortly after you apply and sign the affiliate contract, you will receive a welcome email containing your unique affiliate URL and details for getting started.
    • Please use this affiliate URL for all advertising. Please indicate that you are an affiliate with Once a Month Meals when writing any posts or promotions.
  • Payment Processing – Payment for affiliate sales is processed and paid 45 days from the end of that month. For example all affiliate sales for January are paid in March.
  • Tracking Sales – We do not have an affiliate dashboard available at this time. We will send you a report of your earnings each month, but will not share customer information with you. (An affiliate portal is in the works! Thank you for your patience!)
  • Details to include when you share Once a Month Meals – Here are a few important details you may wish to include when you are talking about Once a Month Meals. You do not have to state all of these things, but they are good to know if someone asks. If they have questions you can’t answer, you can refer them to our live chat feature.
    • A Once a Month Meals membership grants access to ALL menus for all menu types. Members can use any new menu or any menu in the archives (we have over 600!), and they do not have to choose a menu type. Additionally, they are able to fully customize any menu to fit their individual needs and preferences (more details here).
    • All Once a Month Meals members have access to the Once a Month Meals Community! This is our space – our kitchen table, if you will – where we talk all things freezer cooking! Search for tips and advice, connect with other freezer cooks, and share your story and experience.
    • To “try before you buy,” sign up for our newsletter and receive a dietary specific mini menu. (Note: These menus come in a PDF format and are set for four servings and cannot be customized. But they give you a good idea of what the printed resources look like and how we set up a freezer cooking day.)
    • All Once a Month Meals memberships are recurring – details can be found here.
    • We do not offer refunds on monthly memberships – details on why are included here.

Become An Affiliate Today!

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We’d love to chat with you! Please email us at affiliates @ onceamonthmeals.com and we will be happy to answer your questions or set up a time to meet if that would be helpful to you.

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