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Once a Month Meals provides freezable, delicious recipes to transform and reinvent your family’s dinnertime! Choose your FREE menu below to cook and stock your freezer. With options like paleo, keto, instant pot, and many others, you’re sure to find a menu that fits your needs.

Tricia’s Talk Highlights

  • Trying to do it all is exhausting! Freezer cooking can solve the daily struggle of planning what’s for dinner.
  • You can cook good food for the freezer for when your family needs a home cooked meal.
  • Start small, cook two meals of the same recipe. Eat one tonight, freeze the other for later.
  • After you’ve found 5 recipes you love, cook them all in one day, with the recipes doubled, you’ll end up with 10 dinners in your freezer.
  • Get a FREE Once a Month Meals menu where you’ll receive a menu of your choice that includes a Grocery List, Prep Instructions, Cooking Day Instructions, Recipe Cards, Labels, and a Thaw Sheet.

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Assemble and freeze your meals now so you can enjoy them later without the fuss! Say, “Be gone!” to the witching hour!


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