Introduction to the Gluten Free/Dairy Free Menu

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Welcome to the Gluten Free/Dairy Free Once a Month Meals Menu

In 2011, after hearing many a reader talk about how their family is having to adapt their meals to be gluten free, dairy free or combination diet we debuted our Gluten Free/Dairy Free menu. Whether it is a diagnosis of celiac’s disease, a child on the autism spectrum, a baby who seems to do best off dairy or a host of other reasons, it seems to be a growing population. We chose to do a combination menu because if you aren’t one or the other, you can always make adjustments fairly easily. For instance, using dairy products or adding them to recipes instead of dairy substitutes if you just need gluten free. And similar changes can be made if you need dairy free but not gluten free. I hope that you will enjoy this section of the blog and will find it’s resources useful. Please note that this is just one section of the Once A Month Meals website so if you subscribe you will get posts that aren’t gluten free/dairy free recipes. However, we promise to mark all posts accordingly so that you can decipher the difference.

Types of Food Included on the Gluten Free/Dairy Free Once a Month Meals Menu

This menu will include many foods you will find on the Traditional menu but have been converted to Gluten Free/Dairy Free.  There will be a mix between meals that have gluten free or dairy free substitutes such as GF hamburger buns or DF cheese as well as meals that just eliminate gluten and dairy all together.  Each month we will also fill the menu with seasonal produce to keep the grocery budget lower as we know buying GFDF substitutes can be more expensive at times. You can find recipes from past and current menus on our Pinterest board as well.

Breakfast Recipes – 3

It is important to start your day off right. And just because you can’t have gluten or dairy doesn’t mean you have to skip breakfast. For the most part these recipes are designed for you to grab and go as we know morning can be a hectic time.

Lunch Recipes – 4

A majority of the time these meals are geared to be served cold or to have minimal prep on the stovetop or microwave. If they needed heated they will be in readily available means that are quick and easy, for example microwaved. This way, whether you are feeding the family at home or preparing a meal at work, you don’t waste the lunch hour in the kitchen for your food to be prepared.

Dinner Recipes – 8

Dinners will be entrees that you can prepare easily for your family on your cooking day. We know that time is valuable in the evening hours and we want you to be able to spend them with your family as much as possible