Introduction to the Once a Month Meals Mini Meal Plan

Welcome to the Once a Month Meals Mini Menu

The Mini Menu provides you with a shortened freezer cooking menu to help you stock the freezer fast. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed as a new freezer cook, have a busy schedule, or need a menu for a specific occasion, you will find a mini that fits your life. Each mini has 5 or 6 recipes (typically dinners) which are doubled to make the best use of your time. Prep time varies depending on the menu, but you will likely spend about 4 to 6 hours cooking.

Types of Food Included:

The mini menu offers a wide variety of recipes from month to month. Each of our main menu categories (Traditional, Gluten Free Dairy Free, Diet, etc.) are all represented here in shortened form. We rotate these throughout the year to give you seasonal variety. Sometimes we take the opportunity to tweak these to meet a special need, for example our Paleo Mini may be Whole30 compliant, our Diet Mini may be Trim Healthy Mama compliant, or our Vegetarian Mini may meet Vegan guidelines.

Here are a few more examples of fun themes that we use to create mini menus:

Tips and Resources for the Mini Menu:

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