On November 3, 2009 by Kelly

Tricia's Whole30 JourneyOnce a Month Meals founder, Tricia, shares her adventures doing a freezer friendly baking day in two parts.

I don’t do well cooking long amounts of time in the kitchen when I am this far along in pregnancy. I usually get ambitious on Monday’s and cook up a storm and then pay for it on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, I wanted to participate in Money Saving Mom’s #bakingday so I needed to come up with “something” to make. I decided on just two things for today:

1. Baking Pumpkin

I have a baking pumpkin left over from the Happy Box and no room in the freezer so pumpkin puree it is! Actually, I am hoping to save this puree for tomorrow and make some sort of pumpkin muffin. I like the ones that Crystal has listed for her #bakingday freezer list so I think that I might just try those. Then again, pie crusts are on sale this week at Kroger so I might just have to make up some more pumpkin pies. (That is if I don’t get too tired from today). I will be following this post for making pumpkin puree that I did last month!

2. Freezer Apple Pie Kits

I had a half peck of apples that had been purchased for me (thanks, mom) and some from our last Happy Box. I have been meaning to turn them into freezer apple pie kits because I wanted to be able to make my sister’s recipe for Caramel Apple Pie Trifle! So my simple plan for this first day was simply to peel, core and cut the apples to see how many freezer apple pie kits I could produce and freeze. I ended up having enough apples to make three¬†freezer apple pie kits and a little leftover for making a Waldorf salad! As a side note: I found this Pampered Chef Corer in my kitchen utensil drawer and I am pretty sure I had never used it before because if I had I surely would have recognized it’s awesomeness! I can’t believe how quickly I cored over 20 apples with this thing. If you don’t have this tool, I really do recommend it (and no, no one is paying me to say that). That was pretty much all I had energy for on this day. I will try to tackle one other item tomorrow. We will see.

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