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Menu Plan Monday: The Crazy Summer Edition

On June 4, 2012 by Kelly

Summer has officially begun in our household.  This means a lot more planning and prepping of meals and snacks than during the other months.  With 4 boys of our own home every day, all day, plus an additional 4-6 daycare kids, I have to be on top of my game!

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast Pizza

This week I am pulling from the freezer a lot of meals from the June Baby/Toddler 18 mo and up menu – which is also very suitable for meals and snacks for your school age kids during the summer months.


  • Breakfast – Breakfast Pizza
  • Toddler Lunch – turkey & cheese sandwich, baby carrots
  • Snacks – apples wedges & peanut butter, rice krispie treats
  • Dinner – pork burgers, corn


  • Breakfast – peanut butter toast, orange juice
  • Toddler Lunch – pancakes, scrambled eggs, mandarin orangesLittle Monkey Bread Bites
  • Snacks – fruit smoothies, banana muffins
  • Dinner – Dinner Out



  • Breakfast – cold cereal, milk
  • Toddler Lunch – cheeseburger mac & cheese, green beansTex Mex Burgers
  • Snacks – cinnamon toast, Apple Snack Cake
  • Dinner – Tex Mex Burgers, sweet corn



  • Lunch – Leftovers
  • Dinner – steak on the grill, fresh lettuce salad


  • Lunch – leftovers
  • Dinner – tacos, lettuce, onion, tomato & cheese

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I too have a day care kids plus my own family to feed. I love seeing other peoples menus. I find myself planning for them and then saying forget lets go out. This really helps!!

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