Mother’s Day Kitchen Gift Guide: Apparel, Gadgets & Tools

Whether you are a mom making a wish list or you are shopping for your mom, grand-mom, wife, etc. you will want to take a peak at the ultimate Mother’s Day Kitchen Gift Guide from THE Once A Month Mom – the owner and founder of Once a Month Meals, Tricia. She’s had the opportunity to test and review numerous products in her own kitchen, and has an long list of favorites to share. Today we will share the best apparel, gadgets, and tools for the kitchen. 

Disclosure: My opinions of these products are my own. I have tested all of them out in some way, shape or form. I also didn’t choose to put in items to the gift guide that I didn’t think that moms would find use for in the kitchen or would be good quality. I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong on Mother’s Day.

I will use a star system to differentiate products, i.e. 1*, 2**, 3***.

* – I didn’t receive the product for free as part of the review, I either owned it already or I reviewed it and sent it back to the company.

** – I got the item to review and to keep.

*** – I received the item to review and keep and received one to give away to a reader (see the Mother’s Day Gift Guide guidelines for entering). This giveaway is now closed.

Kitchen Gift Guide: Appliances

Whirlpool Appliances (Especially Freezers)*

kitchen gift guideWell, we all know there isn’t a Once A Month Mom alive that wouldn’t be ecstatic about a new freezer, right? I mean come on, we do freezer cooking! I personally own a Whirlpool freezer that I love. It is a chest freezer that has really cool organization baskets so that I can keep my crazy out of control freezer habits in check. Of course, Whirlpool has other great appliances as well. Really, if the mom in your life likes to cook, you can’t go wrong with an appliance for Mother’s Day. Especially one that runs well and looks great. And after all, getting mom new kitchen appliances means that you will benefit from them as well!

Kitchen Gift Guide: Apparel

Yellow Threads – Hostess & Helper Aprons***

Yellow Threads ApronYellow Threads has a cute Mom/Daughter or Mom/Granddaughter aprons set that are super cute! I got one and yes, I am saving it for Tessa. I tried it on her now, but she has a little growing to do yet. The aprons came with cute personal wrapping as well. It was a nice personal touch to the gift. I could tell that the company prides itself in that “extra touch”.

Apron Elegance***

Kitchen Gift Guide - apronsApron Elegance has a line of really cute aprons for mom. I received the Frosted Cupcake apron which is a lot of fun. Perfect for a mom that loves to bake. And during the month of April you can use the code LOVEMOM for free shipping! I love a great gift idea and a great deal.

You can find Apron Elegance on Facebook.

Flirty Aprons*

Flirty Aprons are on our list of “a few of our favorite things” here at OAMM. They have some super cute aprons if you haven’t found one that seems just right for the mom in your life.

Kitchen Gift Guide: Gadgets/Tools

Built Sizzler Oven Mitt***

Kitchen gift guideTired of looking at mom’s boring, dirty ole oven mitts? Then get her this one! And I can guarantee that this will liven up the kitchen and not grow old and weary anytime soon. This is an amazing oven mitt. It is well made and works well. The grip at the hand piece is awesome! I feels like I have a much better handle on hot food when I use this oven mitt. I have gotten rid of my other hot pads and just use this one now. It is that good. Built also has a whole line of cute, durable and highly functional kitchen accessories that mom will be interested in as well. In addition to oven mitts they have hot pads, wine bottle totes and reusable grocery bags. And I just love the cool vibrant colors.

Check them out on Facebook here: Built NY


ToweLocsWhen this company approached me about this product my immediate thought was “BRILLIANT”! Seriously people, I have a toddler! My kitchen towels are NEVER where I put them. They are suppose to be hanging neatly from the stove. HA! They are usually strewn about the kitchen floor with the food containers, measuring cups, pots, pans and whatever else he has decided to “cook” with that day. I was so excited to try these out. I opened them immediately and put them on. I’m not lying, less than 5 minutes later my son walked into the kitchen, grabbed the towels and yanked them to the floor. Well, that is all but the one that had a ToweLoc on it. He did a double take and went to inspect. He took a look and spent five minutes trying to figure out how to get it off. He was not successful. SCORE! ToweLocsIf the mom in your life likes to cook, and she has some grubby hands around your house, then these are a must have! And they come in so many cool shapes and designs. They even have ToweLocs for locking towels around a wine bottle. Isn’t that cool? You could surprise her with a nice bottle of wine decorated with one . . . hint, hint.

Twitter:  ToweLocs Facebook: ToweLocs

Pampered Chef*

Kitchen Gift Guide - Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef White & Pink Mini Dots Martini Glass

Pampered Chef comes out with their Help Whip Cancer line of products especially for May and Mother’s Day. It is always some variation on one of their great products in pink, such as a Pink Color Coated Tomato Knife. Every time I have given away Pampered Chef products they have been a HUGE hit. In addition, with each item bought in this line of products $1 goes towards breast cancer research. This is a wonderful gift for a cook that has been effected in some way by cancer, whether personally or through a loved one. These products aren’t available to order until May 1st though, so you must be patient. This also means that I got a top secret look at them (he he he). I know the mother in your life would love anything in this line!

Cake Vase***

Cake VaseIs there a mom in your life that loves to bake cakes? With the Cake Vase, mom can put those pretty spring flowers growing in her garden in the middle or on top of her cake. It is awesome. I think the perfect Mother’s Day package for a mom that loves to bake and loves flowers would be to present her with a gift basket of baking goods, flowers or flowering plant and the Cake Vase. It will show her how much you care for each of the hobbies in her life!

Facebook: Cake Vase

Gifts by Kaz Easy Open Jar Opener***

Easy Open Jar OpenerThis is the perfect gift for the mom who doesn’t have a man in her life or doesn’t want a man any where near her kitchen! 🙂 It is the Easy Open Jar Opener. It mounts under your kitchen counter so no wasting precious cooking space. It opens everything from a nail polish jar to a giant jar of pickles that you bought at Sam’s Club for your once a month cooking day! I think it is great because sometimes my husband isn’t around to open the 20 jars of spaghetti sauce that I need for my monthly menus. Now I don’t have to wait until he gets home or call the neighbor over. I can just use my Easy Open Jar Opener!

Facebook: Gifts by Kaz

Yellow Threads Take It Off Perfect Peeler***

These things are just downright cute! This one matched my kitchen perfectly. I was wondering if they were secretly stalking me and knew that (since I’m so famous and all). And besides being super cute, it is functional. You can ask my family, I am all about functional gifts. And what is better than a gift that is not only functional but decorative as well? This would make the perfect gift for the mom who has everything but loves knickknacks or decorations around her kitchen. She can have this line of decorative kitchenware and still be able to use them now and again (maybe that would guarantee that the knickknacks get dusted as well)!

The Grill Topper**

The Grill TopperHere is something you might not already know about me. I am a Georgia Bulldogs fan! Yep, I was born and raised here in Ohio, but got my Master’s Degree from the University of Georgia where you can’t help but fall in love with college football (and womens gymnastics). I might be back living in the Buckeye state, but I am still a Dawg at heart.

So when I saw these Grill Toppers I was super excited! How I had wished I had known about these back in my Bulldog tailgating days. No matter what your collegiate team, they have a grill topper for you! I, of course, got the Georgia Bulldog topper for my burgers and hot dogs. They work so well and are lots of fun. Simply set the Grill Topper on your existing grill rack and place your chicken, pork, or beef directly on the team logo. The Grill Topper will sear the brand onto the meat as it cooks to perfection.

I know dads are said to be the grillers, but let’s face it, moms grill too. And we moms love throwing theme parties. They also have matching collegiate oven mitts and aprons. So if mom is a sports fan, this would make a perfect gift! Maybe even make a gift basket of collegiate kitchen accessories! But don’t forget to throw in a pair of tickets for her favorite team’s next event.

Twitter: theGrillTopper

Sublime – Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat**

Kitchen Gift Guide - Anti-Fatigue MatEvery once a month cook needs one of these. Standing on your feet for 8-12 hours cooking in one day is killer on the legs and back. These floor mats provide cushion and relieve some of the ache in the back. I love them when I am cooking on my cooking days. My husband is also very tall and hates washing dishes at the sink because he complains the sink is too low which makes his back ache. You want to know something that I think is funny? (Too bad, I’m telling you anyway.) Ever since I put the Sublime Mat at the kitchen sink, he hasn’t complained. I’m not sure if it is coincidence or the mat, but my vote is the mat. I’m keeping it anyway because I love the relief that I get from standing on it instead of the tile flooring. This would make a great gift for a mom who loves to cook but has back problems, gets fatigued with too much standing or is pregnant!

The Meatball Baker***

The Meatball BakerThis product was developed for a mom who wanted a convenient and healthy way to prepare meatballs for her family. The Meatball Baker has a unique rounded rack system that holds meatballs, shish-kabob, ribs and a variety of other foods so they keep their shape and bake evenly while staying completely out of the grease! You can also cook large quantities of meatballs or other foods without having to turn them constantly. That is a HUGE time saver for a Once A Month Mom. There is even a demonstration video you can watch if you are skeptical!

The Party on the Go**

The Party on the GoI used this clever little product when I needed to take an apple pie to Easter dinner a few weeks ago. It was super handy. I was a little sad I didn’t have to bring the deviled eggs since it had a great insert for carrying those without spilling them everywhere. Back at Christmas time, I searched and searched for a product like this and couldn’t find one. And here it is! This is a great gift for the mom who likes to take food to others. It allows her to store and carry those foods with less spillage.

Solid Surface Creations Cutting Boards**

Who doesn’t need a good cutting board? And a food-safe one at that? These cutting boards are nonporous so they won’t absorb bacteria and won’t warp or stain. They are dishwasher safe and have the option for a drain channel so juices don’t run onto the counter. In any given freezer cooking day there are TONS of things to chop. A decent cutting board is a MUST HAVE!

Bottle Tops**

Bottle Tops Have you seen these? They are so cool! Well, that is if you purchase and drink cans of cola. I do! And I know a TON of moms who drink cans of Diet Coke. What is it with Diet Coke anyway? I digress. These are perfect for mom and the kiddos! They are tops that go on beverage cans to make them like bottles! It helps save mess and leftover beverage from going flat. I love these for use with kids. They are inexpensive too (shhh, I won’t tell mom that you didn’t spend much). They retail for $10 at stores like, Target, Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Kitchen Dry Mat**

Kitchen Dry MatThis handy little product has been great for saving me from washing kitchen towels so frequently. We usually place a towel under the dishes for them to dry, but have been using this instead. It is much more absorbent than the kitchen towels and is easy to wash and reuse when it gets dirty. There are tons of dishes on a once a month cooking day, so it would surely be worth its weight in absorbed water.

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