What is a “Squooshi”?

On May 13, 2013 by Regan

Disclosure: Squooshi provided me with products to sample for this review. All the opinions in this post are mine, want to know more about how I facilitate reviews, view my full disclosure policy!

A few months ago I was on the hunt for a reusable packet similar to the kind you can purchase at stores filled with baby food, applesauce or yogurt.  I came up unsuccessful.   I have a couple of unique features present in my family that I have to work around:  1) we have a dairy intolerance and 2) we also have a child who has texture issues and is an extremely picky eater. I had tried to give my kids a squeezable applesauce packet and my son wanted nothing to do with it.  My daughter ate it but my son refused.  He simply could not get past the whole idea of not seeing what he was squeezing in his mouth. Then I showed them the exciting Squooshi packets, which feature animals such as a purple walrus (my daughter loves anything purple or pink), a lion, a penguin and a panda bear. And the kids were so excited to use their “animal packs!”Squooshi Animals For my first recipe, I used this delicious Banana Berry Fruity Slush . I blended it in the blender with my Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender, which also happens to be my new favorite kitchen appliance.  (Seriously, I can’t find enough uses for it!)  It took a while for my sensory kiddo to accept the idea, but he really was intrigued with his animal.  He finally put it in his mouth and tried some, and he loved it!  If you understand sensory issues, you understand that this isn’t something to be taken lightly!  He actually started saying, “It’s good to try new things!  You might like them!”   Squooshi wins in my book, just for this step of progress! There really is an unending list of possibilities.  You can use Squooshi with cubes of homemade baby food purees.  There isn’t a need to thaw the cubes, just throw 2-4 cubes in your Squooshi, and it will be ready when you want to feed your baby.  You don’t even need a spoon or a bowl! Here are a few recipes to get you started:

SquooshiThere are also some great popsicle recipes that can be made in the Squooshi.  These are great to take along with you–even in the car!  No longer are popsicles a treat that must be eaten outside or in a bowl.  They can be enjoyed anywhere with no worry of a mess.

If you are out of the baby/ toddler stage, don’t toss out your Squooshi. There are still plenty of uses for kids lunchboxes filled with applesauce, smoothies or yogurt.  You can also use it as an icepack for your blooming little athletes. I am convinced that Squooshi will revolutionize your life.  It certainly has changed our life in so many areas, especially eating!  Grab a Squooshi and you will not be sorry!

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