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Lauren @ Healing and Eating

On May 23, 2015 by Kim

Meet OAMM blog partner Lauren of Healing and Eating.

She started her blog to share what she has learned about nutritious eating, fitness, and wellness through her journey with chronic nerve pain. She also provides delicious recipes that are designed to help reduce inflammation in the body as they are dairy free, real food, low in sugar, and prepared at home instead of processed. Here are some of our favorites!

OAMM Blog Partner - Slow Cooked Orange Onion Brisket

Original: Slow Cooked Orange and Onion Brisket (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Whole Foods)

Freezable: Slow Cooked Orange and Onion Brisket (log-in required)

OAMM Blog Partner - Acorn Squash Tostada Bowl

Original: Acorn Squash Tostada Bowls (Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Freezable: Acorn Squash Tostada Bowls (log-in required)

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How long have you been blogging about food?

I’ve been blogging a little over two years. I started as a a way to keep track of my healthy recipes and stay enthusiastic about health during my health crisis.

Have you always loved cooking, or was it a skill that you learned to love? Who taught you to cook?

I started cooking in college out of necessity. My mom is a great cook, and we started cooking together after I graduated. We’d watch cooking shows together like America’s Test Kitchen and Lidia’s Italy, and try out new recipes.

What is your favorite meal to serve to family and friends? What is your favorite treat to make for yourself?

I love brunch! My Broccoli and Breakfast Sausage Quiche is a big hit, whenever it’s a special occasion. It’s made with a paleo friendly crust, and most of the preparation can be done the night before. It’s really filling too, so you don’t need to serve it with much besides a fruit salad. My favorite treat depends on what’s my latest gadget obsession. Right now I’m obsessed with my new ice cream maker, but last summer it was my popsicle mold.

What is your favorite kitchen tool or gadget? Tell us a little about how you fell in love with it and how you use it in your kitchen.

Omg, I can’t pick one. I go crazy for kitchen gadgets, and I use them often so they are always out. I use my food processor all the time for pie dough, salsa, shredding vegetables, nut butters, dips, etc … But I also use my slow cooker all the time too. I love making bone broth for soups, slow cooking chili, and steaming spaghetti and acorn squash.
I know the feeling Lauren! I could never pick a favorite. 

When you are meal planning or looking for new recipes, what kind of guidelines do you follow for choosing them or what inspires you?

I usually only try out paleo friendly and dairy free recipes. When I’m cooking, I try to make the right choices, but when I take a break from the kitchen, I give myself some flexibility to eat some “forbidden” ingredients. Trying to recreate some of those unhealthier dishes at home with healthy ingredients is an easy way to get inspired.

What items are ALWAYS on your grocery list? What items will you NEVER put on your grocery list?

I always need onions and eggs. I love onions, as they are so versatile and they are used in so many different cuisines. I also love cooking breakfast dishes, so we go through a lot of eggs. Plus I use them when I bake, and I snack on hard boiled eggs as well.
I would never put a hydrogenated vegetable oil (such as canola or soybean oil) on my grocery list. I consume a lot of oils and fats, but only the ones that are paleo compliant.

Tell us the best kitchen tip or trick that you’ve ever discovered.

I have a post about How to Cook Spaghetti Squash in the Slow Cooker. It basically steams it, which makes it easy to cut through, and the strands pull apart nicely. For me, this was huge since I miss eating pasta.

What do you like to do when you aren’t cooking or blogging?

Grocery shopping! Just kidding. In Los Angeles, there are some great places to go for a walk or a hike. I also love reading books that have a predictable and sappy ending.

Have you ever freezer cooked? Share some of your favorite recipes or tips.

I don’t have that much freezer storage, since I live in a one bedroom. But I have been known to store bone broth, tomato sauce, popsicles, ice cream, green chutney, and chili in there. Check out my Slow Cooker Cincinnati Chili, My Version of Mima’s Green Chutney, and Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup. My favorite tip, is to have broth on hand as much as possible. Soups are easy to throw together, and bone broth is full of minerals and gelatin.
OAMM Blog Partner - Healing and Eating
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