New Resource: OAMM Freezer Inventory Worksheet

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Get Started Series

If you are anything like me you need a list of what is in your freezer so that you can keep track on a regular basis. Here is a new Once A Month Meals resource and some tips on how to use it.

Freezer Inventory Sheet
Pick A Date

Pick a date once a month or more often when you are regularly going to complete your Freezer Inventory sheet. This will help with consistency. I am going to complete mine on the 1st of every month, that just seems easiest to me. Do what works best for you.

Take Inventory

Print off the Freezer Inventory sheet. Go to your freezer and take stock of what you have on hand. If  you are doing a OAMM cooking day, keep your Freezer Inventory sheet handy so that you can write in dishes as you put them away (or after your long hard day of work).

Highlight “Need to Use Items”

Foods only have a certain shelf life in a freezer. As you note the dates on this worksheet, also look at dates as you are updating your inventory worksheet. If there are items that are getting near the end of their “life” highlight them so you incorporate them soon into your menu. No use letting that hard work go to waste!

Put List On Freezer

You want to make sure that your freezer list gets updated as you consume and purchase new items. I am going to tape mine to the freezer door and will cross off items as we use them. As I purchase or make items I will write them on the worksheet so I remember until the 1st of the month when I update the list. (Make sure that you keep a pen/pencil nearby as well). These tips and worksheet should help you keep better track of  the meals that you have available to you to use and help you to plan your weekly meal plans each week.