Sliced & Diced: Blueberries

Now here is produce that I can write about! I can’t remember the first time I ever had blueberries nor when my love affair with them began. But I can remember when the love affair began for my children. Early on! Both of my children loved pureed blueberry baby food. I would add it to apples, pears, bananas, just about any other fruit to make a fun combo. I always made sure that I was the one doing the feeding that day though. Blueberries will stain! sliced diced blueberries equivalentsOf my two children, Isaac is the blueberry lover. He can spot them from yards away and begins begging. If given the opportunity he can eat the whole pint in one sitting. In fact, as a baby it was common for me to change his diaper and his bottom would be stained blue. No lie. And that is where the diaper talk will end. At any rate, they are a staple on our grocery list every week and a constant in Once A Month Mom recipes. You will find plenty of blueberry recipes around here. But when you buy a pint, how much are you getting? That is where this week’s Sliced & Diced comes in! sliced diced blueberries equivalents

Recipes Using Blueberries:




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