Sliced & Diced: Mushrooms

On July 16, 2010 by Kelly

sliced diced mushroomsMushrooms. My household has a love-hate relationships with them. As in, my husband loves them, I hate them. Okay, I don’t hate them. I have been trying to like them, really I have. I have had a few recipes that I find acceptable. I think it comes down to the texture more than the taste for me. There are like a million and one types of mushrooms out there so don’t expect some big expansive list here on Sliced & Diced. We mostly use your standard white mushroom around these parts. So that is what I am have created a chart for. Hopefully you find this helpful in your cooking. If you have suggestions on other types of mushrooms I should feature because you use them often in your once a month cooking, please let me know. On to the research. Here is what I got when measuring:

sliced diced mushrooms

And I can’t mention mushrooms without mentioning the Mushroom Channel. Really, they are just about your one stop shop for any and everything mushroom related. Feel free to take a gander. If you are mushroom lover you will have discovered heaven on the internet! As for Once A Month Mom, despite my lack of desire for mushrooms, I still post and create recipes that use mushrooms, here are a few:

Recipes Using Mushrooms:

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