Sliced & Diced: Peaches

Fun fact, I use to live in Georgia, the peach state. To this day my husband still occasionally whips out a fond nickname for me, “His Georgia Peach”. The funny thing about Georgia is that they grow more peanuts than peaches. Guess no one wants to be the “peanut state” though, huh? sliced diced peaches equivalentsAt any rate, Georgia peaches are about as sweet as the come and absolutely delicious in my opinion. Although, I must admit, the best peach I have ever had in my entire life was last August when I was in Seattle for a conference and visiting Pike Place market. I have absolutely never had a peach that melted in my mouth like that one. It was like candy it was so sweet. Amazing. Hard to believe that it was good for me, that peach. Yum. I am might just have to hop a plane to Seattle after I finish writing that. You simply don’t get peaches that good in Ohio. Peaches don’t appear on our menus often but they do occasionally. And they are most definitely in season this time of year. So it begs the question. How many diced peaches come from one peach? And what about slices? Good questions! Here are some answers: sliced diced peaches equivalents

Recipes Using Peaches:

Hmm, apparently they are all baby food recipes, maybe we need some adult recipes too?

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