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Inspire less time in the kitchen, and more time with those they love.

Encourage Wellness

To provide you the ability to serve healthy meals, and to better maintain wellness and nutrition within your family.

Provide Convenience

To preserve your time for your passions, loved ones, and life by improving the convenience and ease of daily meals.

Inspire Community

To support you in making freezer cooking happen for you and your family by coming alongside you at every step of the process.

Occasions to
Give A Gift Card

  • Mother’s or Father’s Day: Support the meal planner and home cook in your family!
  • Birthday: Food is always a good way to celebrate!
  • Thank you: Go beyond and show your appreciation.
  • Congratulations: Congratulate and spur them on!
  • New Mom: Give this to her in advance so she can stock her freezer before the baby comes!
  • Wedding: Help a newlywed learn to cook!
  • Moving: Help a family prep meals for once they move!
  • New Job: Help them meal plan in their transition.
  • Back-to-School:¬†Teachers, bus drivers & beyond appreciate support in healthy, at home eating
  • Dieting & Sickness:¬†Show love and support to someone as they learn to cook for a new diet or illness.

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