Sheet Pan Dump and Go Mini Menu Vol. 1

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Sheet Pan Dump and Go Mini Menu Vol. 1

5 Dinners
Throw together some quick and easy one sheet pan dinner recipes that can be made on just a single pan! From a rosemary pork roast with fall vegetables to a beef teriyaki you'll be enjoying a delicious low-key dinner even on busy weeknights.
5 Dinners

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    1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the Beef Teriyaki! We always test our recipes with test cooks before posting, but certainly different folks have different tastes! We appreciate the feedback and hope you enjoy some of the other recipes in this mini menu!

    2. I do not like salty food, so what I do with each recipe that I tried is do the salt to my taste not the required salt in the ingredients.
      Because I have picky eaters, I always do pepper, salt, and other herbs to my taste.

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