Spring Instant Pot Easy Assembly Mini Menu Vol. 1

Shop, prep and assemble 20 freezer meal dinners in less than 2 hours with this Instant Pot Mini Menu! Plus you can get it all done with only $100 in groceries. With favorites like Honey Bourbon Chicken, French Dip, and Carnitas you can't go wrong with this one! Plus you can check out our Spring Slow Cooker Easy Assembly Mini Menu Vol. 1 if you want to make these in the Crockpot instead. Same recipes, 2 easy ways to cook them up!

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  1. I would love to find basic recipes for cooking chicken, beef, and pork in instant pot. I don’t care for the fancy sauces and flavors. Any ideas?

    1. You’re always welcome to make personal adjustments to the recipes if you don’t find yourself caring for certain sauces and flavors. The Instant Pot Manual actually also has a slew of basic recipes. Hope this helps. Happy cooking!

  2. I am so impressed by these recipes. As a foodie I was not sure this would work for us. Every dish is just amazing and dinner is so much easier. Thanks!

    1. Great question! Unfortunately, we do not currently have a diabetic menu. However, all Paleo and Diet recipes have nutritional values so you could look at those recipes if you are interested and judge their carb value. We also tag for low-carb (less than 20g ).

  3. I try to avoid pork as a personal choice, meanwhile these recipes look amazing, do you have a pork -free menu option? If not I’ll sub in a few of my fave ground turkey or beef recipes once I get the hang of meal planning. 😀

    1. Hi Laura! With a membership to Once A Month Meals, you can swap out any of our recipes in a menu for other recipes to create your own custom menu. Of course, you can always, as you said, just substitute out the meat type if you like the recipe otherwise! (I personally also avoid pork, and usually just sub in chicken!)

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